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Why We Chose to Retail Our Products at CVS

You can now find Public Goods personal care products in 2,000 CVS Pharmacy locations!

public goods products available at CVS pharmacy including shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, dental floss, soap, toothbrushes, hand cream, flowers in a vase

What’s even better is that 500 of those stores are also stocking items from our grocery selection. Use our store locator page to find the location that’s closest to you.

Select CVS locations feature our branded tower, which spotlights some of our most popular personal care products:

● facial cleanser

● moisturizer

● hand soap

● bar soaps

● shampoo

● conditioner

● body wash

● lotion

● deodorant

● toothpaste

● bamboo toothbrushes

If you’re hungry for a healthy snack, head to the natural health section of the store and look for our branding on these products:

● garlic almonds

● candied pecans

● chocolate almonds

● dried cranberries

● organic salted popcorn

● seaweed snacks

● white corn tortilla chips

● multigrain tortilla chips

● kettlecorn

● goji berry trail mix

● chocolate chip cookies

● gluten-free chocolate chip cookies

Why CVS?

CVS logo, public goods shampoo bottles

CVS shares our values of health and sustainability. In 2014 the company removed cigarettes and tobacco products from its shelves in a commitment to helping improve public health.

Since 2014, CVS instituted a program that requires third-party testing of all vitamins and supplements sold in-store and online to confirm the accuracy of the dietary ingredients listed on the supplement facts panel and to confirm products are free from certain additives and ingredients. It reformulated 600 of its store-brand products to remove hormone-disrupting chemicals such as parabens and phthalates, and just this summer, announced that it was eliminating oxybenzone and octinoxate from nearly 60 of its store brand sunscreens

CVS’ positive business practices have extended far beyond the removal of certain unhealthy products and chemicals. According to its social corporate responsibility reports, in 2019 CVS Health charitable foundations invested $100 million to improve access to affordable health care and provide relief for public health issues such as chronic disease treatment and smoking cessation.

As for sustainability, CVS is a member of the Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP) 2019 Climate A List. To earn a CDP score that is high enough to make the A list, companies must be transparent regarding how their business is impacting the environment and contributing to climate change.

CVS is also committed to sustainable palm oil, a version of the ingredient that is certified to not exacerbate deforestation or exploit local farmers. As of the publication of its 2019 social corporate responsibility report, all CVS store brand supplies have become members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil or obtained Rainforest Alliance certification.

Expanding Accessibility to Public Goods Products

While online purchases have increased, not everyone can or wants to shop online. Even during this pandemic, millions of Americans continue to buy the vast majority of their household goods from physical stores.

I know because I was one of them. Before our founder invited me to join the Public Goods team, I bought exclusively from my local grocery store and CVS (or “The Civs,” as my wife lovingly calls it). If I hadn’t started working at Public Goods, CVS most likely would have been the only way for me to discover products with clean ingredients. A Different Kind of Free Trial for the Public Goods Membership

If you’re not familiar with our membership model, here’s a quick review: Our members pay $59 a year for access to our online store and member benefits such as planting a tree for every order. When people shop with us for the first time, they can choose a free trial where they don’t have to think about the membership for two weeks. If they love our products, they can become a member. If not, no problem.

But what if you want to try more of our products? That’s where CVS comes in handy.

CVS is a great option for people who don’t feel comfortable ordering something online until they’ve experienced it in person. Again, I used to have that mentality, so I can totally relate.

Have You Seen Us at CVS?

CVS tower featuring public goods shampoo, facial cleanser, hand soap, body wash, lotion, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste

If you go to CVS and see our products, snap a photo and tag us and CVS Pharmacy on social media! We’d love to get a sense of how people around the country are finding our goods during their pharmacy trips and shopping routines.

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