Why the Public Goods Model Works to Benefit Everyone

The Public Goods model is a simple but effective one.

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When it comes to your typical beauty and hygiene brands, your shampoo goes a ton of places before it gets to you, and collects a huge markup on the way.

The result of this? A ton of added expense to you, the consumer. Public Goods strives to change that dynamic by getting products from the manufacturer straight to the buyer.

So, not only do you save by the removed extra steps, but it comes directly to your doorstep in beautiful, simple packaging. Even better, the products are carefully formulated to be natural and eco-friendly — good for you and the planet. Public Goods did a LOT of testing on their products, and they did it ethically, which is important to anyone who cares about the adorable animals of our world.

The Public Goods concept benefits many different types of people. As a disability rights advocate, and a disabled woman myself, I think the idea is inclusive in a lot of ways.

For myself and many other people with disabilities, travel from one place to another can be time-consuming. When you’re busy, it can be difficult to get to the store. Having essentials delivered is something that always saves me time and allows me to focus on what’s important to me: my work and my education.

Having a disability is often really expensive.

Having a disability is often really expensive. Cutting out the middleman allows me to save funds I need for other costs such as doctor’s appointments, and I can still get quality products that are good for my body.

The simple, clean packaging is a big plus for me, too. I have a visual impairment, so busy, colorful packaging never helps. Public Goods packaging is easy to read, so I can know what’s in my hygiene products just like everyone else.

Making sustainable, natural, healthy products more financially accessible is more important now than ever. The impact humans are having on the planet is devastating, and chemical-filled hygiene and beauty products aren’t helping. Using more natural products where we can is a step in the right direction, but often the words like “healthy,” “sustainable,” and “organic” equal expensive and inconvenient. A Public Goods membership puts natural products within reach for a lot more people.

But, I don’t want you to simply take my word for it. I got opinions from some of the most honest people I know: my friends.

They liked the packaging:

“Packaging was beautiful. The branding on the product is as clean as the products made me feel.” – Kyle

“I like the minimalist product packaging.” – Rachel

They liked the products:

“I normally hate lotions and moisturizers. I liked these. There was no ‘waxy’ after feeling. Which I loved.” – Kyle

“Naturally derived liquid soaps tend to be thin and not have much lather due to the lack of sulfates. I was surprised at how well the body wash and shampoo lathered up. I didn’t have to use as much product as I usually do for naturally derived shower products.” – Rachel

And Rachel commented on her love for the model:

“I like the business method of cutting out the ‘middlemen,’ not only because it cuts down costs for the consumer, but also because less transportation means less carbon emissions. It also prevents potential interference with product quality (ex: rough handling by shipping staff/retail staff, customers handling/opening products only to put them back on the shelves, etc.)” – Rachel

The ideas behind Public Goods are beneficial not only to me, but people from all walks of life. Folks who live in rural communities can get quality essentials delivered. Busy families can get what they need and trust that the products are safe and healthy for little ones. Vegans can live their healthy lifestyle. Those with sensitivities and allergies don’t have to pay astronomical prices for what they need. Everyone can smell a little better, too.

In the end, no matter who you are, you can benefit from what Public Goods is doing. Everyone feels better when they’re leaving a lighter footprint on the environment.

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