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What Is a Razor Blade Bank, and How Can You Make or Buy Them?

Did you know you can recycle your used razor blades? If not, it’s time to get more eco-friendly.

razor blade bank

The only obstacle is that razor blades aren’t the easiest item to properly dispose of. If you toss them in a recycling bin without any protection, the sharp edges can injure recycling workers.

To negate this risk while continuing to recycle, you’ll need a razor blade bank, a metal container that can safely store discarded blades. One option is to buy high-end blade banks online for a few dollars each. You can even purchase a “blade disposal unit.” If you enjoy DIY projects and want to save money, however, you can make your own blade bank.

Most people craft razor blade banks by cutting a hole in the top of a metal can. On Badger & Blade, a shaving forum, there is a thread with detailed instructions on this process.

Ideally the blades you insert won’t be able to fall out of the can. To test how effective the container is, try holding it above the trash with the slit facing down. Give it a few shakes and see if any of the blades fall into the garbage.

If you want to be extra considerate of the recycling workers’ safety, you can try to find a way to cover the opening before you recycle the blade bank. Bay Disposal & Recycling recommended applying duct tape or something similar.

The only problem with this approach is that tape isn’t necessarily recyclable. Workers might need to spend time removing the pieces of tape.

There are also some containers that may double as blade banks. Any tin should work. You can clean a tin of breath mints, for example.

Before you place used razor blades in a blade bank, remember to clean them and remove pieces that aren’t metal. Only the steel itself is guaranteed to be recyclable. To protect yourself, consider buying some worker gloves you can wear while handling the blades.

It’s a bit of work to go through this process, but the environmental impact is hard to deny. The EPA estimated that every year people throw away two billion razors that could be recycled. That’s not a statistic you want to be a part of.

So maybe a blade bank is worth it. Much like an actual bank, everything you save can add up to make a positive difference.

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