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Tea Time with Claire of Vidya Living

Holiday season craziness and chilly temps are fast approaching, so Public Goods wants to learn more about how to stay mindful and well during the sometimes chaotic, sometimes blue hibernation season.

Join us for Tea Time, where we’ll consult (and sip tea with) health and wellness creators and learn their tips and tricks on how to stay present amidst winter’s ups and downs. Get the tea on IG: @publicgoods

With the craziness of the holiday season and the impending winter blues, Public Goods wanted to learn more about staying mindful. Join us for our Tea Time segments, where we highlight different health and wellness creators and get to know their tips and tricks on being present over their beverage of choice. If you want the full scoop, head on over to @publicgoods on Instagram to view their takeovers of our Stories. 

Our newest feature comes from Claire Ragozzino, a certified yoga instructor, Ayurvedic counselor, and Founder of Vidya Living Retreats.

In this week’s episode, Claire shows us that “practice makes habit” with her daily rituals. 

You are the founder of Vidya Living, a women’s wellness community. Tell us more about your practices!

I’m a certified Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga instructor. My work weaves together the ancient wisdom of the Vedic sciences with holistic nutrition principles to support the modern woman. I work with clients around the globe, host group workshops and cooking classes, and lead immersive retreats. On my site, Vidya Living, you’ll find tons of fun recipes, interviews and wellness stories. I recently published my first book, Living Ayurveda, with Roost Books. Part cookbook, part lifestyle manual, the book is a season-by-season guide that includes everyday vegetarian recipes, seasonal yoga routines, and self-care rituals to cultivate your inner wisdom and feed your body, mind, and spirit. My goal is to teach women to truly know themselves and trust their inner wisdom through the many seasons and stages of life. 

What tips do you have for people new to the wellness space?

Simple shifts can have profound effects on how you feel. Particularly when it comes to your eating habits. Try these three simple shifts and see how your overall digestion, mood, and energy levels improve as a result: 

  • Establish a regular meal routine and stick to it. Avoid skipping meals and snacking or grazing all day. Space meals out by 4–5 hours to give time to digest and rest before eating again.
  • Don’t gulp liquids while eating, instead, sip warm water throughout the day to stay hydrated and wait an hour after eating to drink again. Skip the icy drinks and other cold beverages that diminish your digestive fire. 
  • Make eating the main event. Try eating in silence without conversation, technology or other distractions. When ready to eat, take 5 deep breaths to prepare your body to receive food. You can even say a small prayer of gratitude before your first bite.

As you begin to explore your personal wellness practice, I invite you to step outside of who you think you are or what you need to be. Allow yourself the space to explore and witness the power of simple presence in your daily life. Let the kitchen and your yoga mat be your laboratory for self-study. Be a curious observer and don’t take it all too seriously!

Do you have any favorite yoga or meditation practices that you’d like to share?

We often think meditation means sitting in total stillness and transcending all our thoughts. This can feel near impossible in the busy world we live in! However, meditation can happen in many forms. For a busy mind, my favorite meditation technique is a five-sense meditation.

With closed eyes, start first by listening, paying attention to your ears and what sounds you hear around you. Spend several moments tuning into sound. Then, shift your attention to touch. Notice the sensations on your skin, where your clothes meet your body, the subtle movement of air, the temperature and touch of your hands resting on your thighs. Next, with eyes closed still, notice your sense of sight. Observe shapes and colors behind the lids, notice what it feels like to rest your eyes and withdraw the stimulation of screens and other images. Move then to taste, feeling the tongue and paying close attention to the subtle tastes on the tongue. And last, connect with your sense of smell. Take a deep breath to observe all the aromas you breathe in. By paying attention to the senses, if even for just for a few minutes, we draw our awareness to one point of focus to calm an anxious mind. 

What is your favorite tea?

I’m loving the Chamomile Spearmint Tea for a soothing nighttime blend. The chamomile and peppermint are great after a long hot summer for cooling excess heat and calming the nervous system.

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