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Tea Time with Brooke of Mend Yoga

With the craziness of the Holiday season and the impending winter blues, Public Goods wanted to learn more about staying mindful.

Join us for our Tea Time segments, where we highlight different health and wellness creators and get to know their tips and tricks on being present over their beverage of choice. If you want the full scoop, head on over to @publicgoods on Instagram to view their takeovers of our Stories. 

Our first feature comes from Brooke Finocchiaro, Co-founder of Mend Yoga – a hot yoga, HIIT, and meditation studio in Newport, Rhode Island. 

In this week’s episode, Brooke walks us through her mindful morning routine –starting her day with a fresh cup of coffee and breathwork. 

You are the co-founder of Mend Yoga, a hot yoga, HIIT, and meditation studio based in Newport, Rhode Island. How did you build such a beautiful community from the ground up? What’s next?

In May of 2019, two of my best friends and I were looking for the perfect yoga studio. A studio with classes that energized the body & healed the mind. With teachers that made you feel welcome and a part of a community. And music that made you feel something. When we couldn’t find it, we opened our own in November 2019.

Less than six months later we closed our doors due to COVID-19 and went online to Patreon. Thanks to the support of our community, our virtual classes are now watched internationally, and our following has grown by the thousands.

After 13 months of being virtual, we reopened our doors once more for in-person classes alongside our virtual programming on Patreon. With the guidance of our inspiring staff & vibrant community, we have flourished into the studio of our dreams.

What are some of your favorite day to day rituals?

As a yoga teacher and studio owner, daily balance is key. Meditation, breathwork and my morning coffee are three rituals integral to my morning routine.

Any tips on practicing mindfulness and being present in your daily life?

Appreciate the little moments and give yourself the space to unwind and breathe as many times as you can throughout the day. We’re constantly stimulated by our devices, work and the chaotic world around us. Remembering to disconnect and look within for answers has been key to the evolution of my practice.

What’s your go-to Public Goods drink recipe?

A hot cup of medium roast coffee with honey and a dash of oat milk. It’s energizing and a sweet start to the day.

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