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5 Sustainable Swaps for a Plastic Free July

Queue the beat (and the heat). Summer is in full swing and our favorite July celebration is here: Plastic Free July. For the entire month, we’re giving up single-use plastic and making easy, everyday Sustainable Swaps.

Moving away from single-use plastic is a lot like exercise. It’s much easier to do when you find what works for you and what you genuinely like. Making the swap isn’t one-size-fits-all and not everything is going to drop into your lifestyle effortlessly. But there are lots of small (read: easy) ways to move away from single-use plastic.

While they all won’t be right for you right now, there will certainly be some that are. The rewards for taking these baby steps and slowly integrating more sustainable products into your routines are immense. Not only will you feel better for making the switch, but the greatest expression of us, our environment, will too.

Here are 5 solid Sustainable Swaps you can make this July.

Ayate Washcloth

Traditional bath loofahs and scouring sponges are often made from plastic that ends up sitting in landfills for decades. Switch to an Ayate Washcloth instead. Derived from natural agave plant fiber, ayate has a uniquely coarse texture with the optimal amount of exfoliating power for an invigorating scrub. You can also put it to work in the kitchen, as a plastic-free alternative to harsh scouring sponges and utility cloths. They’re fast and easy to hang dry and resistant to mold and mildew. Plus, they’re 100% biodegradable.

Shampoo Bar

Scratch ubiquitous plastic shampoo bottles and swap to zero waste Shampoo Bars. Not only do they last 3 times longer than liquid shampoo, but they’re also grey water safe and fully — as in 100% — biodegradable.

Mesh Grocery Bags

This Sustainable Swap is a game-changer. If you’ve ever wandered around the produce section like a lost Sims character looking for plastic produce bags, or clumsily tried to tear a bag free while holding onto a bundle of fruits and veggies (and then could not, for the life of you, open the said bag), then this swap is for you. Use our Mesh Grocery Bags instead of disposable plastic bags at the grocery store to carry your kale bunches and to collect your carrots by the pound. They’re reusable, biodegradable, and machine-washable.

Compost Bags

Great for small compost bins, juicer scraps, and bathroom trash cans, our Compost Bags are an excellent alternative to traditional plastic bags that can take 1,000 years (!) to degrade. Additionally, compostable bags can be facility composted, leaving a byproduct that is healthier for the environment.

Water Bottle

Summer is the peak season for heat-related fatigue and dehydration. Stay hydrated this summer with our BPA-free, reusable Water Bottle — an excellent sustainable swap for single-use plastic bottles, to-go cups, and any straw-reliant drinking vessel. Plus, carrying a reusable water bottle is like having a portable hydration station whenever and wherever you need it. That means more time for fun in the sun and less time searching for the water fountain.

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