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Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Mother’s Day Gifts

Choosing to support businesses that prioritize sustainability is the single best way we can hold non-sustainable businesses accountable and force them to start respecting our planet.

But, that’s enough Don’t Look Up vibes, we want to help you show the important women in your life how much you appreciate them. So, treat the special mom in your life (or yourself!) to a sustainable gift that’s good for the planet. Get creative and choose a unique gift for your mom’s new dog (It’ll make her so happy for you two to finally get along), or spoil yourself with some overdue pampering.

Since all moms are different, we’ve compiled a list of our recommendations for the very best eco-friendly gifts based on interests.

For all mom has done for you over the years, she deserves a unique gift to go with the heartfelt card she so desperately wants.

These gift ideas are not only easy on your wallet, but they’re also good for the planet. It’s a win-win.

7 Eco-Friendly Gifts For Any Mom On Your List

Eco-friendly gifts are becoming more popular as we gain awareness of our growing climate crisis. Why not give a gift that is also helping our planet? Here are a few of our favorite eco-friendly gift ideas for Mother’s Day:

For Moms Always On the Go

Allbirds sustainable sneakers are known for their comfort and durability. Even more importantly, Allbirds is fiercely dedicated to helping reverse climate change. The materials used to make these super cute kicks are all-natural, allowing the company to keep their consumer promise of being a 100% carbon neutral operation. You can also add some cute sustainable socks to complete the gift. 

Another great add-on to this gift for the mom in your life who is constantly in motion is bamboo wet wipes. Bamboo wet wipes can be thrown in a handbag, quickly clean faces or hands, and safely remove scuff marks from shoes. 

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Don’t forget to encourage her to stay hydrated while running around town with a new reusable water bottle. These earth-friendly bottles are made from BPA-free materials, they don’t form condensation, and they’ll keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours! 

For the Coffee Lovers

We all know a mom who loves a good cuppa joe, and now she can enjoy it while also helping reduce landfill waste. The delicious roasts made by TAYST come in K-cup pods that are 100% biodegradable. You can choose from various blends and flavors, including Vanilla Bean, Hazelnut, and Dark Mocha. 

For whole bean and classic ground lovers, check out these organic, fair-trade coffee blends from Public Goods. If you’re gifting a fancy new coffee, why not add a sustainable travel mug to go with it? It’s the perfect complement to go with her new brew. There’s certainly no shortage of eco-conscious travel cups on the market, a few of our favorites styles are stainless steel coffee mugs and insulated mugs. Both of these mug styles keep drinks warm for 4+ hours, and are shatterproof. They’re the perfect upgrade to a ceramic mug or plastic travel mug.

For Moms Who Need Some New Accessories

What mom doesn’t love getting a new piece of jewelry or a handbag? NISOLO carries a full line of sustainable jewelry, handbags, shoes, and more. Many products are handmade by artisan crafters in underprivileged countries. NISOLO is committed to being carbon neutral and providing fair wages and benefits to all employees and global partners. Now this sounds like a business that any mom can get behind. 

Looking to spoil your mom (or yourself) with a new handbag? Carry Courage makes beautiful, earth-friendly handbags, cosmetic bags, wallets, and more. All their handbags are vegan and handmade in small batches with recycled hardware from a locally sourced, female-owned business.

For Moms Who Need Some “Me Time”

Most moms we know spend their time chasing after kids or trying to re-learn Algebra 1. That’s part of being a mom, but moms are also women who have interests and passions. Treat the special mom in your life (yes, that “mom” you treat can be yourself) to a Masterclass taught by a real industry professional. MasterClass has over 50 class options available, ranging from cooking with Chef Gordon Ramsey to writing with Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes. While it’s not 100% eco-friendly, it doesn’t require any shipping or use any materials destined for the landfill. 

For Moms Who Love To Garden

If you’ve got a mom with a green thumb to buy for, consider purchasing a sustainable potted plant from The Sill for Mother’s Day. While gardening can be great for the environment, encouraging consumption of locally grown produce, the plastic container that plants come in are not eco-friendly. Instead, purchase your plants from brands like The Sill or Potr, which focus on keeping the planet safe from unnecessary plastic waste. 

For the Foodie Moms

Who doesn’t enjoy a gift of edible goodies? Choose some fancy new kitchen staples like a good quality coconut oil, or some yummy snacks like delicious Italian almond cookies. Of course, it’s hard to find a mom who doesn’t enjoy a good glass of wine. Treat the wine-loving lady in your life to a 6-bottle wine box featuring six different wine varieties. If you’re buying for a cocktail lover, pick out a fun all-natural margarita or Bloody Mary mix. 

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For the Pet Moms

Has your mom been focusing all her unwavering love on an adorable new pup? Don’t be jealous; she still loves you most. Treat your new pooch sibling to fun, healthy treats like sweet potato fry flavored chews. Or, choose a new eco-friendly cat or dog toy like the ones from PurrfectPlay. PurrfectPlay makes hemp toys for both cats and dogs, and many of their toys come with squeakers. What pet doesn’t love a good squeaker? Spoiling your fur sibling or your own fur baby on Mother’s Day is sure to bring joy to the pets and the pet-loving mom in your life. 

Luxurious Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products For Mom

Most moms are so busy taking care of kids, packing lunches, and playing chauffeur that the luxury of a good pampering session is rarely a priority. Enter the perfect Mother’s Day gift: A goody basket full of pampering, eco-friendly bathroom must-haves like these faves:

100% Turkish Organic Cotton Towel Set

Who doesn’t love a cozy, impossibly soft towel to slip over yourself after a nice bubble bath? This sustainable 3-piece towel set by Public Goods is designed to last and get softer after each wash. Public Goods uses the best eco-conscious materials for all its products, and there are no chemicals or artificial dyes present.

Include an Ayate washcloth or Ayate bath strip with your gift set for even more beauty-boosting luxury. These washcloths are made from agave plants, and their coarse texture provides gentle exfoliation while still being 100% sustainable and mold resistant. 

Organic Cotton Bath Mat

Step out of your shower and into the cozy comfort of these organic cotton bath mats by Public Goods. Turkish cotton is chosen for its luxurious softness and strong fibers, so you won’t need to regularly replace this bath mat as you do with a traditional bath mat. 

Shower Essentials 3-Piece Kit

Shower the mom in your life (pun intended) with this Shower Essentials 3-piece set of beauty essentials. This set is 100% organic, chemical and dye-free and includes a shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.  

Public Goods also has many other sustainable beauty products like organic shampoo bars that have all the benefits of liquid shampoo minus the bottle. This sulfate-free bar soap is a delicious-smelling, organic alternative to traditional soaps for those with sensitive skin. 

Turkish Cotton Bathrobe

Now that she’s all squeaky clean, and relaxed, Mom can enjoy the buttery softness of a high-quality, sustainable bathrobe. These bathrobes are available in sizes XS-2XL and contain no chemicals, artificial dyes, or pesticides. Even better is that she can use this gift for many years, thanks to its high-quality fabric. 

Organic Personal Care Products

Mom can feel like she’s in a fancy spa retreat every day with a goody basket gift full of personal care essentials. Bamboo toothbrushes and fluoride-free toothpaste are perfect for a healthier, eco-conscious hygiene routine. And what’s more luxurious than flossing with silk dental floss? We think nothing. Don’t forget to encourage Mom to pamper herself, not just on Mother’s Day, with a great smelling, organic lotion and hand cream. Throw in paraben-free, moisturizing shaving cream, and she’s got everything needed for head-to-toe pampering. 

If you prefer a ready-made gift set, choose from one of these sustainable gift bundles. Gift bundles are the perfect present for any occasion. Choose a bundle featuring products from different categories like personal care, household, food, vitamins, etc.

Sustainable Bathroom Product Essentials

If sustainability is top of mind for the mom you’re spoiling this Mother’s Day, why not treat her to a suite of eco-friendly bathroom staples?  Get her a gentle organic hand soap that doesn’t contain those nasty chemicals in traditional soap. If you’re looking for practical, everyday products, consider creating a gift basket full of essentials. Combine a few must-haves like a plant-powered bathroom cleaner, bathroom travel kit, and scented candles


Although your sustainable gift purchase may seem insignificant in helping save our beautiful planet, it will help reduce waste in landfills and won’t end up harming innocent sea life. That’s pretty significant. Think about this: If everyone on earth did their part to make a small lifestyle change, it would become a big change to our environment and our future.

So be kind to Mother Earth, yourself, and to your Mom, whoever she may be — because if not, she will never let you forget it.

Don’t forget the perfect card to accompany your gift. Choose a card that’s kind to the planet or even one that you can plant like this sustainable card.

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