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Keetsa Mattress Review: Sleeping Sustainably and Comfortably

These days it feels like Casper is the only mattress in the world.

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We see their ads online, on social media and TV, in cabs and on the subway.

I’m not hating on the brand. I only want people to understand that Casper isn’t necessarily the best fit for everyone and that there are other great modern mattress companies that have been overlooked. If you’re looking for a mattress that is comfortable and sustainable, Casper may not be your best option.

One of these companies is Keetsa, a family-owned mattress manufacturer that was founded in 2007. Searching for a mattress that struck a balance between comfort and sustainability, I decided to give the Keetsa mattress a spin. Here’s an in-depth mattress review detailing my first-hand experience.

Keetsa Mattress Review: My Search for the Best Sustainable Mattress

Long before the Casper craze, I was looking for a new mattress. For years I had been sleeping on a foldable futon topped with a layer of memory foam. It was actually really comfortable, but it was time to have a real bed. It was time to stop living like I was still in college.

Sleep has always been important to me, though. I have severe insomnia, a symptom of a long list of health issues I won’t get into in this review. Because I need to spend more time in bed than most people to actually get the deep sleep my mind and body require, a quality mattress is one of the only luxuries I am willing to splurge on.

Additionally, I am committed to living as sustainably as I can and am always partial to brands that are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. If I could find a mattress that was economical, comfortable and sustainable, I’d be sold.

With that criteria in mind, a quick Google search for local mattress stores revealed the New York City showroom for Keetsa, a brand I hadn’t heard of. The store was walking distance from my apartment, so I thought, “Why not?”

The elements that immediately struck me were the friendly staff and environmental themes: clouds and tea leaves. Keetsa has six mattress options, seven if you include the adorable pet bed and frame. There are two coil/spring options, two memory foam choices, and two hybrid mattresses that combine the best of both structures. They also have bed frames, pillows, and bedding, but I already had all of that and saw no reason to try it.

After about an hour of consideration and “testing” — me rolling and jumping around blissfully on their showroom mattresses — I settled on the Tea Leaf Supreme, one of their purely memory foam products that was around $1,300 at the time (I lost the receipt). Today, at least five years later, my wife and I sleep on it every night. If possible, we plan on keeping it forever.

Their cheapest option, the Keetsa Plus, is $490 for the twin size, and it increases in price as you go for something bigger. The king-size version of the Keetsa Plus mattress costs $990. Mattresses can cost anywhere from $250 to more than $5,000, so Keetsa’s price points are not too bad considering the quality.

But it wasn’t just the sleep quality that sold me on the Keetsa mattress, it was also the sustainable way they produced and delivered their products. If you want to be an eco-friendly consumer, going with Keetsa will do less damage to the environment.

Finding Comfort In a Commitment to Sustainability

Recently, I learned more about what makes Keetsa products so great — aside from the quality of sleep they provide. If you want to be an eco-friendly consumer, going with Keetsa will do less damage to the environment than many popular brands. Here’s why:

Eco-Friendly Packaging

I remember opening my Keetsa box and thinking about how small it was. Everything was rolled up, yet the foam regained its shape the moment I removed it from the packaging. In fact, Keetsa purposefully compresses their mattresses into a box that reduces the package volume by 65%.

Apparently, this packaging approach benefits the environment because the saved space means trucks can move more units. Fewer trips mean less gas that contributes to climate change.

All of the boxes Keetsa uses are recyclable and printed with water-soluble ink, and the plastic bags they use to package their mattresses are biodegradable.

Sustainable Materials and Process

There are a few things I love specifically about the materials and process Keetsa uses to make their mattresses:

  • Unlike most memory foam mattresses that are manufactured with 100% petroleum oil, Keetsa replaces 12% with plant-based oil.
  • Their team also uses hemp-blend fabric and recycled fiber, all produced through a sustainable manufacturing process. The company produces its fiber using a sustainable process that eliminates harmful substances at the start. This so-called “fiberfill” is tested by a third-party certification organization to ensure that the material is 100% safe and meets CertiPUR-US standards for content, emissions and durability.
  • All of the materials Keetsa uses are analyzed by independent accredited laboratories that meet industry-leading standards for emissions.
  • Keetsa mattresses have a fire barrier that is made with 100% cotton fabric that is treated with a flame retardant agent. It has been certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, an independent testing and certification system.

A True Commitment to the Environment and Social Good

Keetsa is a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, which is not something most brands can say, and is reflective of their sustainability standards. Even Casper isn’t a member (or at least it didn’t show up when I searched the member database).

Finally, in addition to their sustainability efforts, the Keetsa team makes annual donations of $30,000 to Operation Smile, so every purchase helps underprivileged children live better lives.

Thanks to Keetsa, I have been sleeping well in my new bed, at least for an insomniac. Now I know I can sleep somewhat sustainably, too.

Keetsa Mattress Models

While my personal experience with the Tea Leaf Supreme was positive, consumers have different bed preferences and budgets, and Keetsa has options to satisfy most needs. To help you decide between the different offerings, here’s a quick overview of the various Keetsa mattress options:

The Keetsa Plus

The most affordable option, the Keetsa Plus is a firm mattress that features the manufacturer’s iCoil. These are individually wrapped coils that are designed to separate body weight and motion, providing balanced support and more breathability. The coils are covered with one inch of body-responsive BioFoam and one inch of soft Comfort Foam, creating a medium firmness. The price ranges from $490 for a twin to $990 for a king.

The Keetsa Pillow Plus

Employing the same iCoil design as the Keetsa Plus, the Keetsa Pillow Plus model manages to provide additional comfort by using a three-inch layer of BioFoam and Comfort Foam. Also classified as offering medium firmness, the Keetsa Pillow Plus is ideal for side, stomach or back sleepers. The price ranges from $590 for a twin to $1,190 for a king.

The Keetsa Cloud

Moving onto the memory foam selections, the Keetsa Cloud model is a coil-free mattress that offers a 2.5-inch layer of BioFoam, which is designed to conform to your body shape and temperature. Beneath this is a robust foam layer that acts as the base of the bed, providing full-fledged support and minimum motion transfer. The price for the Keetsa Cloud ranges from $590 for a twin to $1,190 for a king.

Tea Leaf Supreme

As the option that I ended up settling for, the Tea Leaf Supreme offers even more comfort and support than the lower-end Keetsa Cloud model. With a four-inch layer of BioFoam and a medium-firm memory foam base, this all-foam mattress is ideal for sleepers who suffer from back problems or struggle to get a good night’s sleep. The price ranges from $1,290 for a full to $1,890 for a king.

Tea Leaf Classic

Finally, Keetsa also has a line of hybrid mattresses that combine memory foam with the iCoil base. The Tea Leaf Classic has a five-inch layer of BioFoam and Comfort Foam situated above the super-responsive coil system. Designed for stomach and back sleepers who are seeking a medium firmness, the price of this model ranges from $990 for a twin to $1,890 for a king.

Tea Leaf Dream

Similar to the Classic, the Tea Leaf Dream also utilizes the coil system and high-tech memory foam. It has a six-inch layer of BioFoam and Pressure Relief Foam, which is specifically designed to let your shoulders and hips sink into the foam, eliminating tension from certain pressure points. Ideal for side, stomach or back sleepers, this ultra-soft mattress is only available as a queen ($2,390) or king ($2,890).

For those who need an entire setup beyond the mattress, Keetsa also offers an assortment of bed frames, pillows, additional comfort layers and bedding products such as protectors, comforters and eye masks.

Keetsa Also Offers a 12-Month Warranty, Consumer-Friendly Shipping and Return Policy

Purchasing a high-end mattress is a serious investment for most of us, the last thing anyone wants to do is shell out $1,000+ for a bed that ends up breaking down or doesn’t suit their sleeping preferences.

In the event that you realize that the mattress you selected doesn’t suit you, Keetsa also offers a great return policy. The manufacturer gives customers up to 90 days from the date of purchase to return the Keetsa mattress.

However, because it takes time for your body to grow accustomed to the new mattress, the company requires customers to keep it for the first 30 nights before accepting returns. So, in other words, you can contact Keetsa and return your mattress between the first 30-to-90-day window.

Another welcomed benefit is that the company guarantees free delivery to the contiguous U.S. Customers located in Canada, Hawaii or Alaska must pay an additional shipping fee. The delivery should take somewhere between five to seven business days.

Finally, Keetsa also offers a 12-month warranty on all mattress products. If the material ends up being defective or impacting your sleep quality, the original purchaser is completely covered by the warranty. According to the manufacturer’s website, the warranty covers mattresses that have open seams that cause damage to the inner foam or spring material, visible permanent compression or coil failure.

If you want to learn more about the delivery and return policy, as well as what is and isn’t covered by warranty, head over the Keetsa website. The longer your mattress lasts, the more you can reduce waste and sleep well!

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