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Public Goods Joins National Period Day and the Menstrual Movement

When you do good, sometimes the world returns the favor.

nadya okamoto, PERIOD volunteers with signs

In this case we made a charitable contribution, and later PERIOD invited us to become a member of their Menstrual Movement Coalition. They also asked us to spread the word about National Period Day.

It all started many months ago when we began developing our line of menstrual care products. Back then we knew about period poverty and the tampon tax, but we hadn’t really seen how these issues affect menstruating people.

After we launched pads and tampons, two of our team members spent the day donating extra inventory to local homeless and domestic violence survivor shelters. We met some amazing volunteers who explained how the lack of access to period products can exacerbate physical and mental health problems.

During this charity work, we connected with several menstrual care nonprofits, including The Homeless Period Project and PERIOD. The latter invited us to join their Menstrual Movement Coalition, a group of brands and nonprofits that are partnering to fight period poverty and the tampon tax.

As part of our commitment to the cause, we’re encouraging everyone — menstruating or not — to participate in National Period Day. Today (or tomorrow if you’re reading this on Friday) people across the country are gathering to raise awareness about period poverty and demand action.

Some of our team members will be marching in the street, and all of us will be posting on social media. If you want to walk with us (in spirit or literally), visit the PERIOD website and find a rally in your area.

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  • Our organization ,Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc., is collecting menstral products now to donate to battered women’s shelter for December 2019. We have enjoyed this project.

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