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PG Kitchen with Linze Mason

With Back to School season in full swing, Public Goods wanted to learn the best go-to recipes for the school year from the best – our PG parents. Join us for our PG Kitchen series from now through September 13th, featuring recipe takeovers on Instagram and our blog.

Our first recipe feature comes from none other than Linze, Public Goods’ Organic Social Media Manager. We asked her to share her go-to meal prep recipe for her son, Vaughn, as well as some of her go-to Public Goods items and Back to School traditions. 

Do you have any Back to School family traditions? How do you bring them to life and what do they look like in this new, pandemic/remote-learning era?  

My mom always made it really fun to go back to school shopping. Getting a new backpack and lunchbox was something I was always pumped up for. My son is attending his first year of preschool, so I am having fun shopping for his backpack and lunchbox. My outlook on this school year is, “keep it simple”. We as a family are navigating this school year and preparing for our son’s first IEP meeting for preschool, so I think this year will be a lot of learning for me and taking things as they come. I think new traditions will grow for our family on their own and we’re making the best out of the current school restrictions. 

What is your favorite sustainable swap for meal prepping?

We use the Food Storage Wraps the most when meal-prepping and storing leftovers. I use our smaller size food wraps in my son’s lunchbox to wrap fruits or sandwiches to keep them fresh until lunchtime. My son doesn’t drink from an open cup yet, so we are also big fans of the Bamboo Straws for on-the-go.

What’s your favorite PG product to prep with?

My son is extremely picky and eats mainly a plant based diet. We try to get a lot of his protein from nuts and nut butters, so I use Peanut Butter and Almond Butter a lot for his meals, along with PG’s Pumpkin Seeds and Dried Cranberries for snacks. In order to get fruit in Vaughn’s diet we make smoothies every morning and I freeze them in popsicle molds. I add Public Goods Chia Seeds in those and I also sprinkle them over his yogurt. 

You’re our Organic Social Media Manager here at Public Goods! How do you balance your work life and your personal life?

I am blessed that I can WFH during the pandemic and while the world slowly opens up – It has been a constant balance raising a toddler while maintaining a healthy work schedule at home, but thankfully we were able to move into a cabin in the mountains during this crazy time. The slow living has drastically changed my work life and how I mother at the same time. Both have found a balance alongside each other that just works for our family now.  

PG Kitchen Recipes 

Vanilla Bean Crispy Rice & Oat Treats

Serves 4

To prepare

  1. Butter a 9×9 pan and set aside.
  2. Melt butter in a medium  saucepan over low heat.  Keep an eye on your butter so it doesn’t burn — it can happen quick!
  3. Add vanilla bean marshmallows to the melted butter and stir until well combined. Remove buttery marshmallows from the heat and stir in the rice crispy cereal and oats.
  4. Transfer the mixture to the buttered 9×9 pan and press firmly with your hands
  5. Game changer: Dampen a paper towel and use it to keep your hands clean while you press. Let sit for 1 hour, slice, and enjoy! 

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