Meet Our Team: Joseph Rauch, Content Marketing Manager - Public Goods

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Meet Our Team: Joseph Rauch, Content Marketing Manager

You might have received Public Goods products in a black box, but we don’t want you to feel like our company is one.

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Our members and potential customers have a right to know more about our team, the people who are behind the vision and operation of Public Goods.

We realized that some faces and names on our Kickstarter page wasn’t enough information. To help you really get acquainted with our team, we decided to launch a series of employee Q&As.

This time we shined the spotlight on Joseph Rauch, our Content Marketing Manager. He manages the Public Goods Blog, our platform for giving our potential and current members the goods on health, sustainability and people making an impact.

Public Goods: Tell us a bit about your background. What led you to Public Goods?

Joseph Rauch: For most of my career I have worked for startups with missions related to accessibility. My first full-time job as a writer was at SkilledUp, an online course search engine for people who wanted to further their careers but didn’t have the time or money for traditional education. Then I managed the blog at Talkspace, a company that provides online therapy, often to people who can’t afford or access in-person care. When I was planning the next move in my career, I stumbled upon a listing for Public Goods on AngelList.

PG: What made you want to work at Public Goods?

JR: I’m a simple man. I like everything to be straightforward and minimal.

Because of these preferences, the Public Goods brand and aesthetic were really appealing to me. Shampoo is just shampoo. Body wash is just body wash. There’s no [insert three adjectives] conditioner or anything like that. Instead of sifting through hundreds of choices from dozens of brands, you can trust that everything is good and designed for your home.

Once I connected with Morgan and learned more about the company, I loved the idea of expanding accessibility to premium, healthy and eco-friendly products. Unlike the other startups I had worked for, Public Goods is more focused on underserved populations in the middle of the country.

PG: What does sustainability mean to you?

JR: I used to think sustainability only meant being more considerate of the environment. Now that I spend so much time writing about the subject, I’ve realized it’s more about survival. We need to make better choices as consumers and pressure our government into investing more in sustainability. With our current infrastructure, I’m not confident we can make it to the end of the century without some serious crises.

PG: What’s your desk like?

joseph rauch desk at public goods office

JR: It’s beautiful and perfect. I keep everything tidy and organized. I’m a little obsessed with my desk being a certain way. I haven’t been diagnosed with OCD, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I was somewhere on that spectrum.

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