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Meet Our Team: Claire Feuer, Product Launch Coordinator

You might have received Public Goods products in a black box, but we don’t want you to feel like our company is one.claire feuer

Our members and potential customers have a right to know more about our team, the people who are behind the vision and operation of Public Goods.

We realized that some faces and names on our Kickstarter page wasn’t enough information. To help you really get acquainted with our team, we decided to launch a series of employee Q&As.

One of the first people to volunteer was Claire Feuer, our Product Launch Coordinator. Her job is to make sure all of our products are released on time and without any problems.

Public Goods: Tell us a bit about your background. What led you to Public Goods?

Claire Feuer: One of my majors in college was Cultural Anthropology, which is the study of human culture. Through the lens of a cultural anthropologist, I’ve always been fascinated with the stories behind our personal belongings and the products we choose to purchase. I think it was this interest in product and culture that led me down the e-commerce buying and merchandising career path.

PG: What made you want to work at Public Goods?

CF: A couple weeks before discovering Public Goods I was on a two-month trip to Asia (Nepal, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China) with my father. Overall it was a wonderful experience, but what frightened me, especially in Nepal, was the amount of trash strewn everywhere. For the rest of the trip, I became hyper-aware of my own consumption and litter. And it was on this trip that I began to research sustainable and ethical companies. Public Good’s Tree-Free Toilet Paper popped up on my Instagram feed, and I knew I had to apply. The products’ minimalism aligned with my decor preferences, and the focus on offering healthy essentials, at affordable prices drew me in.

PG: What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability, to me, means taking responsibility for my actions and understanding that my choices impact a string of other people, animals, etc. We are all interconnected. In terms of my purchasing behavior, it means buying less, and when I do buy things, it means purchasing higher quality items that last longer and from companies I support. I’m particularly interested in sustainable packaging (if packaging is needed), zero-waste and circular economies.

Instagram is my favorite — and arguably the easiest — way to learn more about sustainability. @1millionwomen and @trashisfortossers are my great accounts to follow. The feeds are inviting and empowering and have a more educational perspective.

The Marie Kondo Netflix show also made me realize I owned so much stuff that didn’t bring me joy. I’m also part of a group called Buy Nothing, which is a wonderful community of people who give things away for free. Being part of the group, while watching the show, enabled me to give back to my community and feel great doing so.

PG: What’s always on your desk?

bean sprouts in public goods tissue box

CF: I have these bean sprouts on my desk for a touch of nature. I also have a dinnerware set when I eat my lunch and a reusable beverage tumbler, which I refill way more times than I’d like to admit.

PG: What are you most excited to do at Public Goods?

CF: Continue to grow with the company and develop some products!

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