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Meet Our Team: Chris Breen, B2B Partnerships Manager

You might have received Public Goods products in a black box, but we don’t want you to feel like our company is one.

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Our members and potential customers have a right to know more about our team, the people who are behind the vision and operation of Public Goods.

We realized that some faces and names on our Kickstarter page wasn’t enough information. To help you really get acquainted with our team, we decided to launch a series of employee Q&As.

This time we shined the spotlight on Chris Breen, our Head of B2B Partnerships. Chris works with businesses that distribute our products to their customers, employees or properties.

Public Goods: Tell us a bit about your background. What led you to Public Goods?

Chris Breen: Scrolling back some years, I found my first jobs on Martha’s Vineyard. These ranged from picture-framing, construction, hospitality and even working for a hickory smoked-fish company. This was followed by my move to NYC to work for my first startup, Resy.

The island of Martha’s Vineyard is a small community. The food is local, the people are down-to-earth, and the quality of life is tremendous for someone who loves the outdoors. Between farmer’s markets, hiking, cooking and the short walk to the beach, the island holds some of the fondest memories of my life. These experiences made me increasingly conscious of how happy I was with a simple life.

Although I am a long way away from selling fish at a farmers market, the simplicity of Public Goods, consciousness, quality and mission makes me feel closer to my roots.

PG: What made you want to work at Public Goods?

CB: I was a fan and a customer before I was an employee. I spend quite some time admiring well-designed consumer packaged goods companies, and I vividly remember being excited about Public Goods when it was boasting only its core bathroom essentials.

The narratives that struck a chord were the design-centric nature of the business and the push toward a more sustainable future. This came at a time when I was considering how I would define my career and how I wanted to spend my time and energy. The opportunity to work for a small company and be a core component was enticing, but realistically the company felt like an extension to my daily life in many ways.

PG: What does sustainability mean to you?

CB: For me, it’s been a lot about trying to be more aware of my purchasing habits, and my day-to-day footprint on the world. Second-hand clothing purchases, bringing lunch every day in reusable containers, biking to work, buying used furniture, and using a reusable water bottle are some examples.

I am constantly pushing myself to make new efforts and to learn more about lifestyle choices, mostly including the food industry and personal health.

PG: What’s always on your desk?

CB: Blueberries and coffee.

PG: What are you most excited to do at Public Goods?

CB: Continuing to form amazing relationships with new people interested in the company.

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