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Looptworks Review: Upcycled, Sustainable, and Affordable Fashion

Lately, I’ve been looking for creative ways to repurpose items I don’t use anymore.

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I’ve turned sauce jars into vases, customized old shirts, and used old sheets as flooring for my lizard’s feeding tank. Although I’ve enjoyed doing this, I decided I want to support businesses that create one-of-a-kind upcycled accessories, and Looptworks was the first company I found.

What is Looptworks?

Looptworks is an Oregon-based business that repurposes and upcycles abandoned, pre-consumer, and post-consumer materials into limited edition products. Everything they produce helps conserve water, divert landfill waste, and avoid carbon dioxide emissions.

With partners such as the NBA, Delta Airlines, Nike, and Patagonia, Looptworks uses signature fabrics and materials from these brands to create backpacks, masks, wallets, pillows, and totes from these brands. They also make shirts, laptop sleeves, toiletry bags, and fanny packs.

Looptworks: How Does It Work?

Depending on what you want, items range in price from $4 to $575. However, for the holiday season, Looptworks offered a holiday sale on popular items such as face masks and NBA backpacks. The merchandise was up to 50% off, so you could save between $5 and $35 on select items.

looptworks graphic

Looptworks has sales regularly and when you sign up for their newsletter, you get 10% off your first purchase. They also offer free shipping on orders over $50. They even have sales on items they’re no longer producing. This sale is called last call clearance and you can find accessories for more than 50% off. Just know that all clearance items from this sale are final.

The Looptworks Experience: My Purchases

After exploring the sale options, I decided to purchase two items featured on the holiday sale page. The first thing I selected was a three-pack of upcycled face masks. The three-pack is normally $29.85 and was on sale for $20.

The masks are available in three color combos and they are fall, bright, and dark. The fall pack includes a maroon mask, a burnt orange mask, and a brown and blue plaid mask. The bright pack features a turquoise mask, a red mask, and a green mask. The dark pack has a navy blue mask, a black mask, and a grey mask. I chose the bright pack because I love wearing unique and vibrant colors.

three looptworks masks

The second item I selected was the stash sling. The bag was designed in collaboration with professional kiteboarder Sensi Graves and is created from kiteboarding sails. The sling is normally $35 and I got it on sale for $25.

The sling comes in three different color variations: blue and orange, purple and pink, and white and black. I chose the black and white bag because I thought it would compliment the vibrant masks.

black and white looptworks bag

Looptworks and Philanthropy

Before checking out, Looptworks asks you if you would like to make a mask donation. You can donate either $5, $25, $50, $75, or $100. Your donation helps provide triple-layer, upcycled reusable masks to Central City Concern, a non-profit that provides front line services for those experiencing homelessness.

You can also add $1 to your order total to reduce the carbon emissions of your purchase. If you live in Portland, Oregon, you can pick up your order in-store. If not, there are a few delivery options to choose from. Looptworks ships internationally, so the delivery prices will vary drastically for people outside of the US and Canada.

Looptworks Review: Order Processing and Shipping

It costs $7.55 to ship a USPS priority mail flat rate envelope to Staten Island, NY. This was the least expensive option. The most expensive was USPS priority mail express and it costs $45.10.

My order was shipped 24 hours after I placed it. I received it within three to five business days. When I opened my package, along with my items, there were two cards. The first included Looptworks’ mission statement on it and the second had instructions on how to clean the mask and a link to a step-by-step guide on how to attach the ear adjusters to the mask.

Although I enjoyed these personal touches, I think this could have been sent in an email, especially the link. The average person will probably throw out the cards and neglect to read them.

Looptworks Review: Product Quality

Of my order, the stash sling is my favorite. The bag is lightweight and bigger than most fanny packs. I could comfortably fit a multitude of items in the bag such as two epi-pens, a small first aid kit, house keys, a regular-sized wallet, travel lotion, hand sanitizer, tree-free pocket tissues, lip balm, and a cleaning cloth for my glasses.

The sling is extremely spacious because it has two exterior pockets, an interior zipper pouch within the main compartment, and four slots for your ID and debit or credit cards. It’s also 11 inches in length and 7 inches in height and width.

black and white looptworks bag

It even has an adjustable strap that comfortably fits around your waist or across your body. I wore the bag while grocery shopping and running errands and I loved that I didn’t have to worry about the strap slipping off my shoulder. I also love that the sling is water-resistant since it’s made from kiteboarding sails.

The upcycled masks, however, weren’t my favorite because they didn’t fit my face properly. When I first received them, I tried one on without the adjusters. The masks instantly fell to my chin. So, I placed two of the ear adjusters, there were six in total, on the turquoise mask. It took me about fifteen minutes to place them because I didn’t have any string to help me pull the ear loops through the adjusters.

Even with the adjusters, the mask still fit loosely around my face. There was a small gap between my chin and the mask. The gap was large enough to put two fingers in.

Unfortunately, I usually have a hard time finding masks that can accommodate my small face. Most adult-sized masks slide off my face or there’s a gap between my chin and the mask. As a result, I wear kid masks because they fit more snugly on my face. Looptworks does sell kid masks, so I plan on purchasing a few to try out.

Although the masks didn’t fit me, they did fit my boyfriend perfectly. He wears the masks without the ear adjusters. The upcycled masks are his favorite because he loves the breathable, soft material. He also appreciates the masks being large enough to completely cover his face and beard. His only complaint is that sometimes the masks slide up his beard when he’s moving around.

looptworks face masks

I also let three friends try on the masks. They originally tried them on without the adjusters. Two of my friends said the masks fit loosely on their faces. However, my other friend said it fit him perfectly, so I let him keep the green mask.

Once I gave my other two friends adjusters, they said the masks fit a lot better. However, they also struggled to place the ear on the ear loops. They wish the masks came with the adjusters already on them. I agree with them.

Looptworks Review: The Final Verdict

Despite this, I think the upcycled masks are worth the money. They’re affordable, made from great materials, easy to clean, and can fit most faces. They’re also breathable which makes them great to wear during the hotter months and when you’re being physically active.

Although I only purchased two items, I think Looptworks is the perfect place to buy one-of-a-kind items for the environmentalists and sports fans in your life. I also think Looptworks items are perfect for anyone who is looking to have a positive impact on the environment and doesn’t know where to start.

I enjoyed my purchases and plan on buying a few more things in the future. I love what the company stands for and I love that they sell an array of products that are affordable, functional, and made to last a long time.

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