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Keeping Hawaii Beautiful With Shoreline Hotel Waikiki

We love our home – Oahu and all of the beautiful islands of Hawaii – and our mission is to do our part to keep Hawaii clean, preserved and protected.

At Shoreline Hotel Waikiki, our boutique hotel is taking steps towards becoming a more sustainably conscious hotel.

To minimize plastic waste and adopt more sustainable practices in the travel + hospitality industry, we have replaced travel-size toiletries in the 135 rooms at Shoreline Hotel Waikiki with large, refillable Public Goods shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion dispenser bottles made out of sugarcane-based plastics.

Every small step to promote a more sustainably-conscious lifestyle equals bigger changes in the long run. Our goal for the hotel is to take measures where we can to become more eco-friendly, such as conserving energy through our in-room keycard system/feature that turns off the lights and AC when not in use and using recycled materials in our lobby.

Additionally, to continue the preservation of our environment and oceans, Hawaii is the first U.S. state to ban the sale of sunscreens containing two common chemicals harmful to coral reefs! We hope with the enforcement of reef-safe sunscreen in 2021 will help protect our beautiful marine life and environment.

Hawaii welcomes more than nine million visitors per year, as reported by the Hawaii Tourism Authority, so it’s important we take care of our unique islands – home to nature reserves, tropical wildlife, pristine beaches, lush hiking trails and active volcano sights. Hawaii is full of natural beauty and wonder.

Let’s all do our part in making small changes and leaving it even better than you found it! Every bit goes a long way.

We’re excited to welcome travelers (safely) back to Hawaii – our hotel has been reopened since November 1, 2020!

Shoreline Hotel Waikiki

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