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3 Easy Steps for How to Use Pomade

Pomade is one of the most versatile hair styling products out there.


closed container of public goods wax pomade

It imparts an attractive luster to the hair, allowing for fashionable hairstyles you can shape and style to your liking.

Compared to the common wax and gel products, pomade also works for a longer period of time and allows you to change your hairstyle multiple times throughout the day.

Using hair pomade might seem pretty straightforward. After all, it seems like just another hair product. Nonetheless, the proper application is heavily dependent on the style you want. Moreover, the process of putting pomade in your hair is significantly different from hair wax and hair gel.

Because you can choose from different types of pomade, it becomes crucial to select the one that best suits your hair type and styling needs. The right choice will allow you to effortlessly do your “do”.

This article will teach you how to properly use pomade to get the perfect hairstyle.

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How to Use Pomade and Achieve a Suave Style

Step 1: Pick Your Pomade

open container of public goods wax pomade

Before you can lather your hair in this waxy styling product, you must first find the right pomade for your styling needs. There are several types of pomades available. Here’s a quick breakdown to help you decide:

Oil-Based vs Water-Based

First, you have to decide between using an oil-based or water-based pomade.

Oil-based pomades have more shine and a better hold than water-based pomades.

Because it’s oil-based, however, this type of hair pomade can be greasy and can’t be washed out with ordinary shampoo. You will find it clinging to your hair even after taking a shower. You also run the risk of having an acne breakout on your forehead.

Only a degreasing shampoo can completely clean your scalp of wax pomade.

Water-based pomade is much easier to wash out of your hair, but it’s a bit more expensive. Considering its versatility and wholesomeness, however, a water-based hair pomade is the clear winner for those willing to sacrifice shine for ease of use.

Sheen vs Matte Pomade

Want a high shine, or do you have dry hair? If so, use sheen pomade to obtain a more greasy, slicked-back look.

On the other hand, if you prefer a matte finish over shiny hair, matte pomade will provide a more natural and light look, as opposed to a more greasy finish.

Select Your Strength: Light, Medium or Strong

Hair product brands sell pomade with three different hold strengths: light, medium and strong.

Light hold pomades are great for experimenting with different hairstyles and looks. You can easily restyle and reshape your hair throughout the day. Because it doesn’t weigh your hair down too much, it’s ideal for people with fine or thin hair types, as well as anyone looking to rock a more natural look.

For people with short or medium length hair, medium hold pomades are a great middleman between light and strong hold. Medium hold provides enough strength to allow for textured or slick styles without adding too much weight.

To keep the hairstyle intact throughout the day, men with longer or thicker hair will need pomade with a medium-to-strong hold. A strong hold pomade is made for high-volume styles that you want to keep maintained throughout the day. This high-strength option can also be used to straighten curly hair.

Step 2: Wash Your Hair and Towel Dry

drying hair with a towel

Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner to get rid of any oil or grease. Then towel or air dry your hair after the bath.

Don’t use a hairdryer, as pomade doesn’t mix well with dry hair.

Don’t apply it to dripping-wet hair either, because water can dilute the wax. Then it won’t spread evenly.

What you are aiming for is slightly damp hair.

Step 3: How to Apply Pomade to Your Hair

putting pomade on finger

The optimal way to apply pomade will depend on your hair type as well as your styling preferences.

In most cases, you’ll start the process by putting a dime-size amount of pomade on your finger and warming it up between the fingers by rubbing them together. When it comes to actually putting it in your hair, you must first decide which hairstyle you’d like to show off.

Short Hair

man putting pomade into hair in bathroom

For people with shorter hair, pomade can be used to sculpt several fashionable hair styles:

  • Messy or Bedhead Look
  • Slicked-Back
  • Spiked Hair

If you want to sport a messy or slicked back hairdo, start by targeting the roots of the hair with your fingertips for a firm and well-defined look. Massage it evenly on your head. Don’t forget the sides!

If you want a messy, bedhead style, tousle the hair around until you settle on the right look. For a more slicked style, run your hands through your hair in the general direction you want it to point. You can also use a comb for a more uniform style.

For spiked hair, the starting process is a bit different. Instead of working the pomade into your roots, apply it to the tips of your hair. Pull the hair into the direction you want it to stand until the desired look is achieved.

And, if at any time you find your hairstyle losing its shape, you can simply correct it by wetting your fingers and restyling it.

Long Hair

Believe it or not, pomade can also be used to style long hair. For people with long, layered hair, pomade can be used to separate layers and give a lifted, wavy hair-like look. Simply put the pomade on your fingertips and work it into the roots of the specific layer you’re working with, which will give it a lift when dropped back down onto the layer beneath it.

You can also use pomade to slick back your hair into a ponytail or bun. Apply the hair pomade from the front of your hairline to the start of the ponytail. You can also use a comb or brush to tame any fly away hairs and get a sleek, uniform look.

Lastly, pomade can also be used to handle split ends and frizzy hair. For split ends, put a tiny amount of pomade on the fingers and apply it to the tips of the hair where the split ends are persistent. To tame frizzy hair, you can apply pomade to the fly aways and push them into the direction of the rest of your hair.

It’s better to start with a small amount of pomade and work your way from there. Putting too much pomade in your hair can weigh it down and will be a pain to wash out later.

Step 4: Use a Hair Dryer (Optional)

black hair dryer

A hair dryer (or blow dryer) will make your hair puffy and lock the hairstyle in place. This effect is especially useful when going for hairstyles like The Pompadour, which is a classic high volume, strong hold look made popular by the likes of Elvis Presley.

However, for less boisterous styles, this step is completely optional. In fact, it’s important to note that excessive usage of a hair dryer can damage your hair.

How to Remove the Pomade

When it comes to removing the pomade from your hair, water-based pomade is the easiest to deal with. The same can’t be said about oil-based pomade, however, because it can’t be washed off with ordinary shampoo, and you will likely have to deal with sticky hair for a few days.

Rather not deal with the leftover stickiness from this oil-based styling product? A degreasing shampoo can help you remove it. The caveat, however, is that it will strip your scalp of the natural oils your hair needs for healthy growth.

Styling with Pomade: The Verdict

Pomade lasts longer on hair than wax, and it doesn’t harden your hair rock-solid as gel does. Even with its pliable nature, it has plenty of hold.

If you are going to use the product for the first time, consider starting off with an easy-to-use and non-messy water-based pomade with wax.

This product offers the best of both worlds!

No matter what product you decide to go with, make sure it doesn’t contain polyvinylpyrrolidone, which is known to cause allergies in some users. Always use paraben-free and gluten-free pomade with healthy ingredients to increase the longevity and health of your hair.

So, now for the final question that you have to answer: What hairstyle are you going to try now?

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