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How to Upcycle with Public Goods Candles

Our new, expanded, candle assortment uses the same high quality fragrances but with a larger range of sizes, assortment packs, and new containers designed to live in any room in the home and to offer limitless uses after the candle is finished.

The containers make great jewelry holders, containers for gifting candies, or for storing craft supplies. The lids are made from sustainably grown natural acacia wood to seal the deal.

How to clean containers once candles are burned down:

  1. Use boiling water.  Once your candles are burned down, there will be a thin layer of wax around the bottom and sides.  Boil water and fill your container, leaving about a half inch of room on the top.  The wax will melt and float to the top and re-harden after an hour or so.  You can then remove the wax disk and reuse it in a wax melter to get every last drop of scent.
  2. Freeze your candle jar overnight for a foolproof method! Lower temperatures cause wax to shrink, making the candle easy to pop out. If the candle wax is still struggling to come out, use a spoon for leverage.

Ways to reuse your containers:

In the Kitchen

  1. Use any size candle vessel as a spice jar or storage container.  The wooden lid has a rubber seal around the edge making the containers a great option to keep food items fresh.The glass bodies make identifying the contents easy.  This is a chic alternative to plastic tupperware and will encourage bulk buying!
  2. Any size container can also transform into a mini herb garden. Plant your favorite fresh herb in the jar and keep in the kitchen for quick use while cooking!
  3. The 3.5oz candle votives are the perfect size for shot glasses! Keep the lids on for a practical (no spill!) transportation from the kitchen to the party.  The wooden lids can also double as a stylish coaster.
  4. For our larger candle vessels (12.3oz), use it as a cookie gifting box! Stack a small batch of cookies inside of the jar for an elevated way of gifting home baked treats.
  5. The 12.35oz Candle Jars are also the perfect size for Lowball or “Rocks” glasses.  Mix up your favorite Bourbon drink, add ice, maybe an orange twist, and enjoy your Upcycled Happy Hour!
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For the Plant Lover

  1. Use as a water propagation station! Drill a hole in the wooden lid, and fill the container with water.  Place your favorite cutting into the hole and wait for roots to grow- you will have a thriving plant in no time!
  2. Turn your candle into a succulent garden! Put a layer of rocks at the bottom of your 12.35oz candle jar, and fill with easy drainage dirt to keep your succulents happy and healthy.  Don’t forget to find a sunny spot for maximum effect!
  3. If you’re feeling crafty; paint the outside of your vessel to match your space and use it as a decorative vase. The possibilities are endless! Use it to hold flowers, as a catchall, to display party favors, and so much more!
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For around the home

  1. Use the 3.5oz votive as a stamp dispenser. Cut a slot in the top with a dremel or routing bit. Place a roll of stamps in the jar and feed the end of the stamp roll through the lid.
  2. Level up your craft station by using the jars as organizing containers. Much like their use as spice jars; the glass makes seeing the contents easy and effective.
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Create a Makeup Brush Holder – Drill multiple holes of different sizes in the wooden lid. Stand your makeup brushes up in the holes on your vanity top.  This can also work as a pencil holder for a desk.


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