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How to Remove Waterproof Mascara: Tips & Tricks

Are you trying to figure out how to remove waterproof mascara with ease? We’ve got multiple all-natural techniques that will forever change the way you take off tough makeup.

What do a summer wedding, a beach day, and a pool party all have in common? They’re all events that will likely remind you of the usefulness of waterproof mascara. But for all the good it brings, no one enjoys trying to get the tough makeup off at the end of the day. Luckily, learning how to take off waterproof mascara doesn’t have to be back-breaking, and it can be done with techniques that are both natural and healthier for your eyelashes, but first, you need to make sure you’re familiar with the waterproof mascara basics.

What Is the Difference Between Mascara and Waterproof Mascara?

For starters, you won’t find ingredients like isododecane and cyclopentasiloxane in regular mascara as they’re both chemicals that make waterproof mascara, well, waterproof. But what are the practical differences between mascara and its waterproof counterpart?

Waterproof mascara is often used because it can stay put regardless of sweat, tears, or water in any of its other various forms, but it’s also sometimes used for its stiff hold that can keep curled lashes curled. However, the formula of waterproof mascara is designed to keep out moisture, so if you wear it every day you’re going to notice some dryness and cracking of the eyelashes. This isn’t an issue with regular mascara, however, and it’s also lighter and easier to remove at the end of each day.

Is Waterproof Mascara Bad For Your Lashes?

Waterproof mascara isn’t any worse for your lashes than regular mascara, granted you aren’t wearing it every day and you’re also following the correct practices both in its application and removal (we say you shouldn’t wear it daily because even with the best application and removal techniques and habits, waterproof mascara is made to keep out moisture, so if you’re wearing it for 12-16 hours of the day, every day, you’re almost guaranteed to end up with dry and cracked eyelashes).

Waterproof Mascara Application: Best Techniques

Though it may seem counterintuitive, learning how to get waterproof mascara off starts with how you apply it, not how you remove it. Good application practices are the first step in learning how to get waterproof mascara off with ease, and they can also improve your overall eyelash health. Here are some good application techniques to employ:

Condition Your Lashes and Prep with a Primer

Conditioning your lashes is actually a good idea regardless of the type of mascara you wear, and using a primer before you apply said mascara will help prevent clumps and protect your lashes from breakage. There are also products out there that act as both an eyelash conditioner and eyelash primer!

Apply a Base Coat

Putting on some regular mascara before the stronger, waterproof stuff can make removal easier later on.

Brush Your Lashes with a Dry Spoolie

It’s simple logic: if you put on less mascara, you don’t have to take off as much mascara. Using a dry spoolie to brush out your lashes after you’ve applied your waterproof mascara will remove excess product and, like the primer treatment, keep everything smooth and clump-free.

Waterproof Mascara Removal: Best Techniques

While anyone that wants healthy skin should be removing all of their makeup at the end of each day anyway, it’s an extra bad idea to let waterproof mascara stay on your eyelashes overnight. This is because waterproof mascara’s strong-hold formula can cause bacteria build-up if it’s left on for long stretches of time.

Learning how to take off waterproof mascara isn’t difficult, but there are several dos and don’ts. For example, let’s talk about makeup remover. While many brands of makeup remover are good at doing what they’re made to do, they’re often not the best thing to be regularly putting on your skin. This is because many makeup removers contain alcohol, which can irritate or dry out your skin, and other unnatural ingredients like artificial fragrances which have been linked to serious health issues.

That being said, there are multiple natural products that can do the job just as well (if not better) than your average makeup remover.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil fills all sorts of health and beauty roles these days, and tough makeup removal is yet another. Simply put a generous amount over the mascara, then wipe everything away! Coconut oil also provides the added benefit of preventing protein loss in your hair (yes this includes eyelashes). To really access this benefit though, you need to keep it on for a while. Try putting a little on your eyelashes before you go to bed, then rinse it all off in the morning.

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Baby Shampoo

This is a method that’s ready to go for anyone that has a baby in the house. Also, baby shampoo isn’t just an effective makeup remover: it’s also hypoallergenic and extra gentle on your lashes since it’s made for sensitive baby skin. Just put about a dime-sized amount on your finger and cover your lashes in it. After a few seconds have passed, wipe everything away with a damp towel and you should be good to go!

Micellar Water

While you might not have any readily available at home, micellar water is a product that’s worth investing in. Not only is micellar water all-natural, but it’s also one of the best makeup removers that money can buy. Just put some on a cotton pad, hold the wet pad against your eyelashes for a few seconds, then wipe!

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Olive Oil

If you don’t have any coconut oil readily available, olive oil can work just as well. Like coconut oil, olive oil is a natural, effective tool for makeup removal, and it also provides a moisture boost. Just rub some into a cloth or cotton round, let it soak into your eyelashes, then gently rub everything off! Note that you might need to repeat this process a few times to get all of the mascara off.

Now that you know how to remove waterproof mascara, it might be time to learn more about some other all-natural skincare and makeup topics, like natural face toners or homemade organic lip balm. Or if you’re looking to purchase some of your own all-natural skincare products, give the Public Goods website a visit!

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