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How to Define Your Bathroom’s Aesthetic Style

A bathroom can be a place of hasty showers, towels strewn about and the type of frustration that can only be felt when searching for a hairbrush in the midst of a mid morning running-late-panic.

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The good news, though, is that the bathroom is also one of the most underrated and easiest places to practice self-care.

Think about it — the good old WC is very often the first place we head to when we wake up and
can easily set the tone for the day. Is that tone rushed, messy and all over the place, or is it calm, relaxed and soothing? This little room — no matter its size — can be transformed into a haven on any budget. Read on for our best oasis-inducing tips on how to define your bathroom style and curate away.


A minimalist aesthetic can have a calming effect, and for a lot of us that’s what we crave in the morning or when we unwind at night. Having a minimalist aesthetic doesn’t mean getting rid of your personality or ensuring your space is devoid of anything fun. The term “minimalism” actually became popular in the 1950’s to describe an emerging style of art and sculpture, and literally just meant “simple.”

Using that one key word, simple, as our guide, let’s break down how to achieve a truly minimalist bathroom aesthetic.

  • Honestly take stock of things you use and rely on each day, rather than the things you keep around because you think you might eventually them. Utilize the six-month trick for this task. If you haven’t used it in six months, either donate it, toss it or keep it out of sight and out of mind.
  • Keep the pieces and products you truly need tidy by putting knick-knacks into one or two cabinets or chests. This change allows for a sleek and uncluttered line of sight.
  • Embrace this bright and airy aesthetic by incorporating lots of light. If possible try to play up the natural lighting in your space. This can mean losing dreary, dark curtains or adding a fixture that emanates a soft white light.
  • While typical minimalist design can conjure images of neutral colors, (black, white, grey, tan, etc.) keep in mind that these colors do not a minimalist make. Your bathroom can be bright yellow. As long as the layout is simple in form and function, you’re still acing minimalist style.
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While you may or may not live in a farmhouse (and if you do, we applaud and salute you), it’s always possible to draw on country-esque inspiration and create the bathroom of your rugged dreams. A second cousin of minimalism, rustic interior design is also based in simplicity — with a twist. There is an emphasis on evoking nature in the design, usually utilizing raw, natural materials.

Keep in mind:

  • Rustic designs are rooted in wood, stone, and perhaps certain kinds of lumber with a natural looking hue. It’s all about looking a bit timeworn, rugged and hand crafted.
  • Remember that you don’t need to start from scratch. A wooden bench with a plant on the end or underneath may be all you need to evoke the earthy colors of a rustic environment that gives your space an organic warmth.
  • When incorporating plants, look for peace lilies, philodendron and succulents. These are low-maintenance, beautiful and easy to sustain at various temperatures and levels of sunlight.


A look that is sometimes described as the opposite of minimalism, the bohemian vibe is all about mixing, matching and embracing unconventional style. Nailing bohemian interior style comes from evoking a free and artistic feeling rather than chasing a look.

  • Creating a bohemian space is a great way to marry sustainable design and a pleasing aesthetic. Thrifting second hand furniture, for example, is an economic and low impact method of instilling the slightly worn vintage look of bohemian style.
  • This is a free-wheeling style rooted in harmonious living. Don’t be afraid to rock a faux silk shower curtain while hanging fringy drapery. Think about anything homemade or eclectic you may have: your favorite tapestry from college, a homemade pillow from an aunt. These pieces can add electric flavor to your new abode.
  • To add to your warm and calm aesthetic, opt for floor or free standing lamps instead of overhead fluorescent lighting.

Here’s to hoping these tips inspire a soothing new aesthetic for the most underrated room in your pad. And for simple, natural products to fill any room in your home, you can always shop our collection.

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