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How to Create Storage Space in a Small Apartment

Most of the time, being an apartment-dweller means you have limited space.

living room with a gray couch with three pillows, table and cat

Fortunately there are many creative ways to store all sorts of items. Here are eight of our favorite methods:

1. On the Door Storage

two shoes in a shoe rack hanging on a door

A shoe holder that hangs on the inside of a door of practically any room can provide lots of storage. Hang a shoe holder on your bathroom door to store your shampoo bottles, toothpaste, washcloths, curling iron, blow dryer and make-up. If you want to see what you have at a glance, buy a model with clear plastic pockets.

Other items you can store in a hanging shoe holder (besides shoes):

  • first-aid supplies
  • socks
  • thread and other sewing items
  • crayons, pens, markers and other craft-related items

2. Seating That Serves a Double Purpose

cat laying on an ottoman that can be used for storage

One idea is to get an inexpensive, upholstered loveseat or bench. Simply lift the lid for a place to store linens, books, candles, magazines and more. Use this furniture as seating in your bedroom, living room or another room. There are so many styles and colors available that you should be able to find one that fits your apartment’s décor.

3. Collapsible Furniture

collapsible bed

Getting a couple pieces of collapsible furniture is a great way to have access to tables and chairs while keeping some open space in your apartment. A collapsible table for your kitchen gives you and your friends a place to sit and enjoy dinner together. When you’re finished, simply collapse the table and lay it against a wall.

4. Rent a Storage Facility

blue storage unit

If you plan to only stay in your apartment temporarily, you may have a lot of items you can not use in a small condensed space but want to save for when you have a home. For example, a large armoire handed down through the generations may be invaluable to you, but it can take up a lot of space in a small apartment.

This is where storage facilities come in handy. These units give you a safe place to store your furniture and large items, and protect them from the elements until you are ready to buy a house.

5. Put Up Shelves

plates, bowls, plants, pots and a pepper shaker on a shelf

Shelves can hold a lot more than books these days. You can use shelves to hold your spices leaving more space on your countertops. Use shelves for office supplies, towels and small clothing items. That way you have access to these items while keeping them from piling up on tables or the floor.

6. Put Up a Pegboard

pegboard on a wall

When you think of a pegboard, you may envision a garage. But, this storage solution can be useful in your apartment as well. Put a pegboard up in your kitchen so you can hang up your pots and pans. If you have mugs or teacups, hang those up, too. If you have colorful dishes, they can become a highlight of your décor.

Install a pegboard in the room where you work in your apartment. Use containers and cups designed for a pegboard to hang up pencils, pens, highlighters, paperclips and more.

7. Bike Storage

bike next to a wall

If you have a bicycle, you know that it takes up a good chunk of space in your apartment. Plus, maybe visitors have a habit of running into it and knocking it over.

Good news! There’s a storage tool you can anchor to the wall to store your bike. It’s off the floor and ready to go whenever you want to take a spin.

8. Baskets

plant in a basket

Baskets are excellent for storage, and they come in all sizes and styles. Get a short, flat basket for your extra books. Slide it under your bed and out of sight.

A couple medium-sized baskets can hold towels and washcloths. These can be stored under your bathroom sink. Baskets are attractive and can hold a variety of items.

Finally, getting creative with storage in your apartment can help the space feel less cluttered. You can use storage items to make your apartment more inviting. What helps you save space can also make you feel good.

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