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How Essential Oils Became My Go-To Remedy

Before this year, I never realized how powerful essential oils were.

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From easing anxiety to relieving pain, everyone in my inner circle has been praising them, but I’ve always been hesitant to give them a try.

I didn’t think they could alleviate my health, sleep or hair issues. I’ve tried numerous products, both over-the-counter and prescribed, yet nothing ever truly worked. After constant trial and error, I thought I would never find a solution. Then, one day my doctor recommended I start using essential oils.

Still hesitant, I looked into them and decided I’ll purchase a few and test them out. If they didn’t work, at least I could tell my doctor I gave them a try.

So, I went to Public Goods and ordered all the essential oils they have. I used each oil for two months, and here’s how it went.

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Peppermint Oil

The first essential oil I used was peppermint, which was recommended to me by my doctor. Known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, I mainly relied on this to alleviate pain.

To ease my chest pain, I applied one drop of peppermint oil to the palm of my hand and massaged it into my chest. I did this once a day and noticed a significant difference. The pain went from an eight to a five, which for me is tolerable, and I could breathe without feeling like someone was sitting on my chest. I was even able to go about my day without taking pain relievers such as Advil.

For my knee pain, I used a recipe from a book called “Essential Oil Natural Remedies.” I mixed four ounces of a carrier oil. I used coconut, with 24 drops of peppermint and eucalyptus oil.

I put the mixture in a brown glass bottle and shook the bottle to blend everything together. Once everything was blended, I applied one teaspoon of the mixture on my hand and massaged it into my knee. This solution calmed the sharp pain I was feeling and soothed any aches I had after completing a session of physical therapy.

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Eucalyptus Oil

The next oil I used was eucalyptus, which is great for relieving congestion, sore throats and coughs. I get colds quite often, so along with over-the counter medicine I used eucalyptus to treat my symptoms.

I got sick twice this year with a viral infection and wasn’t prescribed antibiotics. To help soothe my sore throat and nasal congestion, I placed 10 drops of eucalyptus oil in my oil diffuser.

I did this every night and noticed a huge difference. During the day, I had trouble breathing from my nose and had a terrible sore throat that only felt better when I drank ginger ale or had cough drops. At night, however, I was able to breathe clearly and my sore throat was less painful. Within four days of using the oil, I felt so much better.

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Lavender Oil

Of all the essential oils, I was most excited to use lavender because it’s known for its calming properties. I suffer from insomnia and have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. As a result, I spend a majority of the day exhausted, so I hoped this would help me get better quality sleep.

I put eight drops into my oil diffuser at night and let the diffuser run for an hour. During that time, I would put my devices away and focus on clearing my mind.

On a few occasions, I added five drops of lavender oil to a bubble bath in hopes of being relaxed before bed. Unfortunately the oil didn’t help me relax or get sleep. I still woke up two or three times at night and struggled to go back to sleep after. There were even days when I would be up for 24 to 48 hours.

However, this product did wonders for my younger brother. Whenever he had a long day and needed help falling asleep, he would ask to borrow the oil and my diffuser. Within 15 minutes of putting the diffuser on, he was able to relax and fall asleep. It’s now become a part of his bedtime routine.

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Argan Oil

Containing large amounts of vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, argan is known to have amazing benefits for your skin and hair. As someone who has dry hair and a dry scalp, this is exactly what I needed to help target my hair issues.

To moisturize my hair and scalp, I added argan to my weekly hair routine. I started by putting two drops of argan oil on my fingertips and massaged it into my scalp for five minutes. After, I would mix three drops of the oil with a quarter-size amount of conditioner. I focused on my ends and worked my way up to my roots. Then, I washed everything out with cold water. This made my hair soft, shiny and I had less tangles in it.

When it was time to deep condition my hair, I would separate my hair into two sections. I would mix four drops of the oil with a half dollar-size amount of a hair treatment masque and applied it to each section. Then, I would put on a shower cap and ran hot water, so the steam could help the product and oil penetrate my hair. I left this in my hair for about 15 minutes before washing it out. After doing this for two months, I noticed my hair looked healthy and my curls were more defined and moisturized.

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Rosemary Oil

Known for being featured in culinary dishes, rosemary can support digestion, fight off infections, and has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. However, I used it because it can fortify hair and stimulate hair growth.

My hair has been the same length for the last two years and I’m ready to grow it out. So, to help it grow, I added two drops of rosemary to a quarter-size amount of shampoo. I massaged it into my scalp and washed my hair with the mixture once a week. Within a month, I noticed my hair was growing in healthy and strong.

I also used the oil as a hair mask at night. The night before I planned on washing my hair, I would add two drops of rosemary to coconut oil and massage into my hair and scalp for five minutes. I would also make sure to have a little extra to my ends.

Once it was applied, I would leave it in my hair for about 16 hours so it had enough time to absorb the oil and reap its benefits. This mixture really helped soothe my dry scalp. It also made my look more voluminous due to the new hair growth.

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Lemon Oil

Along with its antimicrobial properties, lemon is known to aid digestion, hydrate skin, fight bad breath, and ease nausea and inflammation. Since this oil eases inflammation, I decided to use it whenever my allergies started to act up.

To relieve my allergy symptoms, I used another recipe from “Essential Oil Natural Remedies.” I added four ounces of purified water, 30 drops of lavender essential oil, 30 drops of lemon essential oil and 30 drops of peppermint essential oil to a dark-colored spray bottle and shook it to blend everything. I used this spray twice a day in my room, my brother’s room and the living room.

I felt immediate relief the moment I started using it. My eyes didn’t swell, which happens quite often, and they were less irritated. I was able to stop using my eye drops at home because my eyes weren’t red and itchy anymore. I also stopped experiencing sinus pressure in my head.

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Tea Tree Oil

I first learned about tea tree when I got my cartilage pierced back in 2015. My piercer recommended I use it if the piercing gets infected because tea tree is known for its antiseptic properties. Since then, I mainly use the oil to clean cuts and wounds.

Whenever my brother and I have a cut or scrape, I use a tea tree spray to clean it and prevent infections. To make the spray, I combine four ounces of purified water with 40 drops of tea tree in a dark-colored spray bottle and shake well to blend the two together.

Before I apply it, I either rinse the wound with water or clean it with rubbing alcohol. Then, I spray the wound two times with the mixture and allow it to air dry.

I also used the oil when my brother had an infected ear piercing. The piercing wasn’t healing properly and caused a small bump to form behind his ear. The bump was red, swollen, and hurt whenever my brother touched it.

To aid the healing process, I put one drop of tea tree on a cotton swab and rubbed it on the bump. I did this twice a day for two weeks and the infection was healed. The bump went away and there was no evidence the piercing was ever infected again.

Try Them Out

After using essential oils for two months, I regret not using them sooner. I’ve noticed a significant change in my health and feel so much happier because I finally found something that is helping alleviate my pain. Without essential oils, I would still be searching for solutions to my health and hair issues.

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Comments (2)

  • As a new lifetime subscriber to PG who has dabbled in aromatherapy for decades, I’m quite disappointed in the listings for essential oils and, as they’re currently described, won’t making any EO (essential oil) purchases.
    There is no industry consensus for the meaning of “therapeutic-grade” essential oils so your use of the term is simply marketing copy – and harkens back to the disreputable practices of certain MLM companies.
    Also, in addition to the botanical name it’s important to include the country of origin where the essential oil plants were grown (not necessarily the same as “product of”), what part(s) of the plant were used and the extraction method. Cautions regarding use are needed as well, particularly for infants, children and during pregnancy.

    I’d like to know more about the supplier(s) of the essential oils to PG. With the recent resurgence of aromatherapy, experts estimate that 80% of commercially available “pure” essential oils are adulterated in some way.* The marketplace is flooded with “essential oils” and plant oils that contain synthetics or have other contaminants and impurities. It is imperative to source from reputable companies that can provide lab reports, accreditations and certifications to back up their products.
    Caveat Venditor.


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