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Earth Day 2022: Tree Planting in Nepal

This Earth Day Public Goods is excited to announce an expansion of our partnership with Eden Reforestation (Eden), a leading tree planting non-profit that we’ve been working with since 2019.

As part of our sustainability efforts, Public Goods has committed to planting a tree for every order placed, totaling over 338,000 trees planted across the world through Eden so far.

Over the next couple of years Public Goods will increase our efforts by specifically supporting a tropical forest restoration project in Jodhipur, Nepal, situated along the Babai River in western Nepal’s Bardiya District. 

The area is an important wildlife corridor that’s home to the wild elephant, greater one-horned rhinoceros, and Bengal tiger. Residents also rely on the forested area for household needs such as fuelwood, livestock fodder, and medicinal and edible plants. On top of this, deforestation in the area has led to a higher risk of flooding, topsoil erosion, and low agricultural productivity. 

Tree planting activities are carried out by Eden team members, who are hired from within the local community. They start by crafting small, marble-sized seed balls at the Jodhipur nursery. Each seed ball consists of clay, compost, soil, and seeds from native tree species. Once ready, they are planted in the reforestation area and monitored by the team for growth and maintenance. 

Eden Reforestation follows a bottom-up approach, connecting with local communities who help provide direction on planting opportunities. Operating in nine project nations, they employ local villagers to plant native trees and in turn help these communities improve their environmental and socio-economic status. Forest canopies, leaf litter, water sources, and wildlife are restored and many communities are lifted out of extreme poverty.

We are so excited to be able to concentrate our tree planting efforts in Jodhipur moving forward, and we’d like to thank our Public Goods Members for their continued support which makes this possible – together our small choices can make a big impact.

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