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Dry Skin vs. Public Goods Products

For as long as I can remember, autumn has always been a magical time of the year for me.

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There’s no better feeling than waking up on a crisp autumn morning wrapped in your favorite blanket. That sensation intensifies when you look out your window and see a landscape painted in vibrant reds, yellows and oranges. The hues of these colors warm my heart as I realize it’s officially hoodie weather and I can bring out my favorite grey beanie again. It also helps that autumn means the holiday season is finally upon us.

As much as I love autumn, my skin feels the complete opposite about it. The cooler weather means there is less moisture in the air, and my skin is never happy about that. My legs and elbows suffer the most during this time. Normally I spend a lot of money (not to mention several natural skin health remedies) to make sure my skin has everything it needs to stay hydrated until spring comes knocking at my door again.

To keep my skin radiant and silky smooth, I follow a very strict skin care regiment. I take short showers that last no more than 10 minutes (this doesn’t include when I wash my hair). I use the same body wash and lotion combo I’ve relied on for the last four years. I always rinse off in cold water to help lock in the moisture, and I exfoliate twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells.

I’m a creature of habit, so I’m always hesitant to add new products to my skin care routine. Plus, I’ve tried all kinds of products before. I even bought products with natural ingredients and found they either severely irritated my skin or didn’t do anything to rejuvenate my dry skin.

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However, I’ve been trying to be more eco-friendly, so I decided to give all-natural products another try. In this case it was a trial of Public Goodsbody wash, hand soap and lotion for two weeks.

I started off with the body wash, which is affordable at only $4.50 for a 12oz bottle, compared to the soap I use everyday. I was nervous about how my body would respond to it but, that anxiety soon washed away.

First, let me say the body wash has an amazing scent. It smells like orange blossoms with undertones of a forest scent. The orange was definitely the most dominant fragrance I smelled, but the overall aroma is light and airy. It reminds me of walking through a meadow on a crisp fall morning with the faint smell of summer lingering in the air.

One of the greatest aspects of the body wash is that a little goes a long way. I was surprised by how well it lathered up. I also loved the abundance of various essential oils such as nutmeg and rosewood that are in it. Another bonus is it doesn’t contain any parabens or synthetic fragrance.

It did, however, leave my skin feeling a bit dry, but it also felt clean and as soft as my favorite childhood teddy bear. So, I think this body wash is best for people with sensitive, normal or slightly dry skin.

Compared to the body wash, the lotion smells like the great outdoors. The scent reminds me of pine trees, fallen leaves and Thanksgiving. With essence of essential oils such as western red cedar and eucalyptus, the scent is aromatic and comforting. I enjoyed the fact that I could still smell the lotion 15 minutes after applying it.

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When applied, it did wonders to my areas that aren’t terribly dry. My arms, for example, felt moisturized and soft to the touch.

However, my legs and elbows, which get extremely dry, didn’t get the same love. My legs and elbows needed a bit more lotion to feel as hydrated as my arms. I had to reapply the lotion a few hours after taking a shower.

Once I reapplied, however, my skin finally felt extremely moisturized. Like the body wash, I think the lotion would be great for people with sensitive to slightly dry skin. Nonetheless, the lotion might benefit from an extra ingredient such as shea butter to boost its moisturizing factor.

Saving the best for last, Public Goods’ hand soap is hands down one of my new favorite hand soaps. Just like the body wash and lotion, it doesn’t have any parabens or synthetic fragrance and is affordable at $4.50 for a 12oz bottle. With a delicate, airy scent, it smells like a beautiful mixture of citrus fruits, and the scent lingered on my hands several minutes after washing them.

I have an extremely weak immune system, so I wash my hands pretty frequently. As a result, my hands get very dry. They normally don’t crack, but they can feel rough like sandpaper. So, I apply lotion every time I wash them.

Luckily, I didn’t have to do that with this hand soap. My hands were so soft after I washed them that I couldn’t stop touching them. This product felt like it was made especially for me because it targeted my dryness and left my hands smelling amazing.

Although not all the Public Goods’ products helped my skin concerns, I will definitely use them again in different combinations. Everyone’s skin needs different ingredients, and all-natural products might be exactly what your skin is asking for.

Give them a try and see what happens. You might find a new item to add to your skin care routine.

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