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Cultivating a New Level of Bathroom Clean With Public Goods

I’ve always treated the bathroom like a personal sanctuary.

tiled bathtub, plants basket with Public Goods products

Even when sharing the tiniest of living spaces, I’ve always made a habit of sprucing up every bathroom with a feeling of calm.

Because our bathroom is the first space I walk into every morning, I recently DIY’d its 1989 vibe (a year not known for timeless home decor!) to its modern serene state.

I hope you enjoy a visual tour of my bathroom re-haul and use it as a guide to restore and prioritize in your own personal home and headspace. Self-care is the new normal. It’s all about crafting places for wellness and tranquility and being hyper diligent about proper cleansing, for ourselves and the community-at-large.

A Non-Toxic Way of Cleansing

shelf with Public Goods products, candle, bath towel, plant

Little did I know our newly decorated bathroom would deliver even more significant levels of tranquility and stress reduction in today’s reality. With COVID-19 disrupting lives and causing many to work-from-home and live in isolation, cultivating a new level of at-home cleanliness and comfort can truly make a difference in our overall health and wellbeing.

I’m glad I’ve been able to fill our bathroom with uplifting, non-toxic products designed for a better way of life. It’s truly the everyday choices that have a resounding impact on our lives and the world around us.

Gentle Hand Washing: Why It’s Important

Public Goods hand soap, lotion, hand sanitizer, white towels, plant, vase
Shop: Hand Soap ($4.50), Hand Sanitizer ($2.00), Lotion ($4.50)

Looking for gentle hand cleansing that’s not hard on your skin? I’m with you!

With all of the handwashing that’s required nowadays, a cleanser containing essentials oils can combat germs without wrecking your delicate pH levels. Public Goods’ hand soap is a tried and true favorite, blended with orange, geranium, and mandarin (three of my favorite scents), as well as even more quality oils to cleanse deeply without the risk of parabens, synthetic fragrances or formaldehyde.

Vegan-friendly, I’m glad my boys can also use this cleanser without experiencing any harmful side effects on their sensitive, eczema-prone skin.

Natural Hand Sanitization: A Better Option

Public Goods hand sanitizer, lotion, white towel

We rely on proper hand-sanitizing after every school day, but now it’s a daily way of life. Public Goods’ hand sanitizer is ultra-effective, with the ability to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria using ethyl alcohol and glycerin. Remember, making the tiny habit of continually sanitizing your hands on a routine basis impacts everyone.

The chic handy packaging of this lightly scented sanitizing gel is void of harmful chemicals such as triclosan and benzalkonium chloride. Best of all, these affordable bottles (that tightly close to avoid spillage) can be kept on a sink, in the car, and in your purse.

Non-Toxic Bathing: It’s Easier Than You Think

Public Goods body wash, sea sponge
Shop: Body Wash ($4.50), Sea Sponge ($5.50)

Safe enough for the entire family, Public Goods’ Body Wash has become a chic staple in our shower, especially when coupled with the soft and cozy sea sponge. Bathing with both has become a little bit of heaven.

I love the mild fragrance of fresh grapefruit and juicy mandarin. I feel completely renewed when massaging my skin with the soft, exfoliating fibers of the sponge. I usually cringe when using abrasive exfoliation on my body, but this gentle exfoliating sponge feels luxurious and expands to nearly three times its size underwater.

Another beauty bonus: you can enjoy a luxurious lather with both products, but without the fear of nasty chemicals or bacteria.

Creating Calm Surroundings: Try These Best Practices

Public Goods candle, wicker basket, Public Goods COQ10
Shop: Cedar & Suede Candle ($5.95), COQ10 ($18.00)

I enjoy a good unisex moisturizer, that’s why Public Goods’ lotion works as an all-purpose daily moisturizer for our family of four. With the recent regulation on hand-washing, it’s great to have this handy blend of hydrating eucalyptus, mint, and citrus in a pump. I may not be able to enjoy a vacation at the moment, but I can enjoy a spa-moment every time I use this soothing hydrator.

The sensation of hotel luxury continues with the Public Goods organic towel set. I’m talking uber-soft, thick and fluffy Turkish cotton towels that envelope you like the fancy hotel variety. They also wash very well, without losing their shape or softness. Couple your bathing experience with their hand-poured glass candles in notes including jasmine, Turkish rose and sandalwood, and easily transform your bathroom into an oasis.

The Power of Essential Oils: More Than Just Fragrance

Public Goods essential oils, dropper, Public Goods candle
Shop: Lemon Essential Oil ($7.00), Rosemary Essential Oil ($8.00), Eucalyptus Essential Oil ($6.50)

Essential oils can naturally boost one’s immune system, alleviate symptoms of the common cold, and elevate your cleansing experience. My boys have asthma, and they have responded well to Public Good’s eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus oil is known to deliver congestion relief, soothe sore throats, coughs and irritated sinuses. It can be used aromatically (I use it in diffusers) or topically (I mix it with lotion and rub it on the chest and pulse points).

I love using Public Good’s essentials oil lineup in the shower to uplift my mood and quickly turn my shower into a spa. The eucalyptus essential oil is my favorite, however, because it’s uplifting yet relaxing! I have yet to source good eucalyptus branches, so for me this fair-priced oil is the way to go!

Create Balance With Color and Design: This Visual Guide Will Help

sink with wicker basket

Maintaining healthy and clean living spaces can do a world of good during pending uncertainty. A peaceful, organized home combined with neutral palettes can certainly ease a crowded mind. I hope you find inspiration in these affordable ideas for creating a clean, calm bathroom on a dime. Be sure to tag us if you implement any of these aesthetic upgrades!

Bio: Maritza Bulevas is a published, national copy and content writer in the beauty, wellness, and lifestyle space. She lives in Chicago with her family and also enjoys taking beautiful photographs. You can find her at

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