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15 Best Bamboo Products for A Sustainable Home

We’re all trying to do our part in helping the environment by embracing environmentally friendly cosmetics, food, and even cars. But, what are the best ways to live sustainably in the place most sacred to us: our home?

Why Bamboo Products?

There are so many benefits to using bamboo products in place of traditional household products to help keep your abode clean, chemical-free, and earth-friendly. All the products featured below contain one of the most sustainable natural resources: bamboo. Keep reading to discover a few of the amazing benefits bamboo has to offer.

What Are the Benefits of Bamboo?

At a glance, the benefits of bamboo include its durability, sustainability, and its ability to ward off pests without pesticides. This is why more companies are flipping the script on traditional plastic products and turning to the naturally superior bamboo.

Bamboo is frequently synonymous with strength and durability. In fact, treated bamboo can last upwards of 50 years. It’s a fantastic alternative to hardwood products like flooring. 

Bamboo trees are also known for their ability to thrive in poor soil conditions and can keep bugs at bay naturally- no pesticides required. Even better, because bamboo is typically harvested by hand, the roots can remain intact as not to disrupt the surrounding ecosystem.

Now that you know more about the benefits of using bamboo, continue reading to discover some easy household product swaps you can make to keep the environment healthy.

15 Best Bamboo Products for a Sustainable Home

Bamboo Straws I Public Goods

It’s estimated that about 8 million tons of plastic finds its way into our oceans and eventually into our streams and rivers. This plastic is causing toxins to be released into the water and harming our marine life. Additionally, plastics are considered to be an increasing threat to wildlife; potentially being a strangulation or choking hazard. Bamboo straws are an affordable and durable alternative to plastic straws.

Why It’s Great: Not only are these straws biodegradable, they’re reusable and come in varying widths so you can enjoy all your favorite drinks including smoothies and milkshakes.

Bamboo Toothbrush | Public Goods

These brushes are an easy and affordable trade-off for your plastic toothbrushes. This toothbrush is not only trendy and stylish, it’s good for the planet. Public Goods toothbrushes are 100% biodegradable, so it won’t overstay its welcome when you’re done using it. 

Why It’s Great: This bamboo toothbrush is the perfect addition to your eco-friendly home. It also features carefully selected bristles for a clean mouth feel without the scratching that can occur from traditional toothbrushes. 

Natural Toothpaste | Public Goods

Your new bamboo toothbrush will go perfectly with this natural, vegan toothpaste free of fluoride, parabens, and phthalates. It also has a fresh peppermint taste made from the highest quality ingredients. 

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Why It’s Great: The natural toothpaste by Public Goods is free of chemicals, vegan, and never tested on animals. Now, that’s something to smile about. 

Tree-Free Paper Towels| Public Goods

Paper towels are used daily in most homes–especially those with children. Paper towels are also one of the most wasted household products, that’s why Public Goods offers an organic alternative to the traditional paper towels made from hard woods. 

Why It’s Great: These absorbent paper towels are made from biodegradable bamboo and sugarcane– no trees were harmed to make these household essentials.

Tree-Free Tissue Box | Public Goods

A must-have staple for all households looking to make small tweaks to help the environment. These tree-free tissues are made with biodegradable bamboo and sugarcane. There is also no chemicals, dyes, inks, or BPA. 

Why It’s Great: This tree-free alternative to traditional tissues are soft and gentle on your skin while also having 50% less lint than regular tissues. 

Bamboo Wet Wipes | Public Goods 

Traditional wet wipes contain a plethora of chemicals that can be both harsh and harmful when it comes to delicate skin. Public Goods baby-safe bamboo wet wipes are gentle on your baby’s (and your) skin, while also offering a refreshingly clean feeling. The wet wipes contain natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. 

Why It’s Great: These wipes are great for on-the-go cleaning. They’re gentle on the skin and contain natural ingredients like vitamin E, bamboo, cucumber extract, oat extract, and chamomile extract. 

Tree-Free Pocket Tissues | Public Goods

Another great on-the-go product are these perfectly packaged tree-free tissues. Pocket tissues are a necessity for your purse, backpack, or yes, even your pocket. Tissues are a small way to make a big impact on the environment.

Why It’s Great: These tree-free tissues are made with biodegradable bamboo and sugarcane. They are also 50% less prone to lint, so no more smudges on your sunglasses while you’re on the go. 

Tree-Free Napkins | Public Goods

Much like tissues and paper towels, napkins are used every day in homes across the globe. This is why it’s so important to consider environmentally friendly alternatives to the products and brands we’re used to using. Use these napkins at your next picnic for an earth-friendly change to standard paper napkins. 

Why It’s Great: Tree-free napkins are an affordable and convenient way to reduce waste in landfills. 

Bamboo Pads | Public Goods 

Organic feminine hygiene products are gaining popularity and for a good reason. Traditional products like maxi pads and tampons contain potentially hazardous chemicals like BPA, phthalates, and odor neutralizers. Bamboo pads and tampons like the ones created by Public Goods are just as effective as the traditional products, and they do not contain pesky chemicals. Public Goods carries an entire line of personal hygiene products made from bamboo pulp like bamboo super maxi pads, bamboo regular maxi pads, bamboo panty Liners, and applicator-free tampons.  

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Why It’s Great: Not only are these products better for the environment, they’re better for our bodies. A customer favorite, these pads, tampons, and panty liners are praised for their effectiveness and comfort. 

Reusable Cleansing Rounds | Public Goods 

These cleansing rounds are perfect for removing makeup, applying toner, removing nail polish, and more. Made from bamboo, the reusable rounds are an excellent substitute for those little white cotton balls we see in the drugstore. 

Why It’s Great: Public Goods cleansing rounds are washable and reusable. No more throwing away your rounds after just one use. When you’re finished with the rounds, you can wash them in their included mesh bag.

Bamboo Razor Handle | Public Goods 

Tired of those boring plastic razors ugly-ing up your shower? Say goodbye to plain, plastic and hello to stylish bamboo-handled razors. The razor blades can also be replaced with Public Goods own razor blades

Why It’s Great: Plastic razors are another seemingly small piece of the pollution problem. However, small changes like using a razor with a biodegradable handle can make a hugely positive environmental impact.

Boxed Toilet Paper | Public Goods

Toilet paper is another ubiquitous household essential that has a major negative impact on the environment. In fact, each year Canada’s logging industry cuts down over a million acres of its Boreal forest, largely to serve the toilet paper companies in the United States. Public Goods has a great tree-free swap for your favorite toilet paper. These rolls are made from a sugarcane and bamboo material that is soft, strong, and most importantly forest-friendly. 

Why It’s Great: This toilet paper is a great eco and budget-friendly option for any household. Even better, each roll has 300 sheets of 3-ply paper (compared to most big brands’ 2-ply). 

Surface Cleaner + Refill Kit | Public Goods 

The past few years have resulted in a huge increase in the use of household cleaning products, and consequently, an increase in the number of chemicals present in our homes. Many traditional cleaning products, including those used to clean toys and eating surfaces contain potentially harmful chemicals like bleach and ammonia among a long list of others. Public Goods offers a solution to this influx in chemicals present in our homes with their line of natural cleaning solutions. 

Why It’s Great: The Public Goods surface cleaners, as well as their entire line of cleaning products, contain no harmful chemicals. They are safe for children, pets, and everyone else in your household. They also carry a line of solution refills so that you can use the spray bottle over and over. 

Laundry Detergent Pods | Public Goods

Typical laundry detergents you find at the grocery store contain a plethora of chemicals that can be harmful to both your skin and your health. The natural laundry detergent pods by Public Goods are free from nasty ingredients like sulfates, chlorine bleach, and formaldehyde. Your laundry will get clean, it’s great for sensitive skin, and it works in hot or cold water. Win-win-win.

Why It’s Great: These laundry detergent pods are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. They also come in pre-measured packs that you can pack in your suitcase for traveling. 

Recycled Trash Bags | Public Goods 

A good list of must-haves for a sustainable household wouldn’t be complete without recycled trash bags. Trash bags made from plastic are contaminating our oceans when they break down into what is called microplastics. Microplastics are often attributed to what is harming plant life, marine life, and even our food supply. It’s estimated that plastic bags remain in a landfill for up to 1,000 years. 

Why It’s Great: Recycled trash bags are made from (oxo-biodegradeable) polyethylene plastic which is a landfill-friendly alternative to the average trash bag.  

Doing Your Part

There are so many benefits to swapping out your household products for those made with bamboo– from a safer alternative for products that go in or on our bodies, to being a sustainable alternative to almost all plastics. The possibilities of how we can improve the planet by using biodegradable bamboo are quite remarkable. 

Small, seemingly inconsequential changes can produce hugely positive effects on the health of our environment. Most changes are ones we can make from the comfort of our homes. Let’s all do our part to live a more sustainable lifestyle for ourselves and our future.

Read more about the benefits of bamboo, and how we can all live more sustainable lifestyles on the Public Goods blog.

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