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Bath Design For Meditation: Tips From a Wellness Design Expert

Balancing work, family and home life is stressful.

White bathroom with a painting of granite design

It’s a lot of juggling. If there is anyone reading this who disagrees, please share your strategy!

I love my family to the moon and back. Nonetheless, pressing the “pause” button and having a bit of solitude and time to exhale is essential.

One of my favorite spots in my home to do that is the shower. It’s got all the elements for a perfect space to meditate and breathe. It’s an ideal sensory space for isolation, even if for 10 minutes at a time. It’s a fact that solitude, peace and emotional positivity maintain and rejuvenate our physical well-being.

During this strange period in time, many of us are fixing up our spaces in our homes and utilizing this time efficiently. So, if your dream is to give a face lift to a bathroom and shower area, think about a design and materials that facilitates meditation.

Materials have a very strong connection to energy and our moods. They must be very carefully considered.

The textures, colors, cleanliness and ethical origin of the selections must enhance the space in a positive emotional way. Humane spaces with as few toxins as possible are ideal.

So, keep away animal-based materials and chemicals and consider the following factors:

1. Lighting

dog sitting on a white chair in the living room

Proper lighting can lift your mood, which can help those who suffer from depression. Ambient lighting creates a calm, meditative and relaxing space to help you let go and unwind. Combining different types of lighting creates layers that give you the freedom to adjust intensities of light.

Lighting is creative. It can create any kind of mood you wish.

For instance, the warm glow of natural daylight creates an energetic vibe. Candlelight creates a warming, calm effect.

In a shower, recessed warm light emitting diodes (LEDs) can be placed within the lower wall area of the shower. This design will create a peaceful and serene environment.

Ceiling lights in the shower are necessary. Consider warm glow LED ceiling lights.

But keep the quantity of light to a minimum. Too many bulbs will make the area too bright and less calming for the senses.

Bright light increases our emotions. A low lit room maintains a calming balance.

2. Wall Coverings

recycled wood wall covering and slate wall coverings in the bathroom

Sustainable wall coverings on bath and shower walls can create a serene and calming environment. Here are a few of my favorites:

Slate (grey and black tones)

A natural product, which is low maintenance and very durable. The dark slate feels very earthy and cave-like. It’s soothing to the soul.


Soft earthy light tones (white marble may look too clinical). Like slate, marble is a natural product, durable and recyclable. It’s neutral and blank, also great for the mind.

Recycled Glass Tiles

A great eco-friendly product made from waste. Many of these tiles reflect light and play with the sun. It’s a nice environment for meditating.

Pale-to-Mid Grey Cement Walls

Trendy and calming, cement has a positive life cycle. Cement materials can originate from limestone, chalk and shells. Cement is durable. It absorbs and retains heat and is recyclable. It’s stark, like a modern spa.

Ceramic Tiles

Choose organic light tones. Ceramic tiles are considered to be sustainable because most are made from clay and other natural materials. Glazed ceramic tiles are durable due to being resistant against stains. Endless options for colors, shapes and textures. Ceramic is typically very affordable.

3. Floor Coverings

wooden floor covering in the bathroom

You can continue the wall coverings on the walls onto the floor. It creates a seamless look. It’s a trick we designers use when we want a small space to look grander.

Think about what feels good under your feet. What material creates a warm and calming effect for you?

If you want to add some additional texture, use a combination of two or more materials in the shower. Perhaps stone tile on the walls and a bamboo or a teak wood floor (sourced from sustainable forests).

Sustainably sourced wood is identified by having the Forest Stewardship Council logo (FSC). It’s a great organization dedicated to promoting responsible management of world forests. Plus, bringing natural elements into the space is biophilic (connecting nature with interior design).

Use products free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) throughout. VOCs are carbon-based toxic compounds. These chemicals release themselves into the air, affecting both the environment and your health.

By using VOC-free products, you’re creating a positive, toxic-free and healthy environment. You’re also helping the survival of all living beings, human and non.

4. Showers

shower with a grey and black wall

So many shower designs. Do you prefer square, round or waterfall shower heads? The key is to choose a style and feature that is relaxing to you. For example, a rain style shower head has less pressure typically than a regular shower head. That quality could be considered more calming. What will help you connect to your inner-self and decompress?

A shower seat made from either sustainably sourced or recycled wood is a great complement to a shower for meditating. If space permits, a built-in seat made of the same materials as the wall covering would be a great option. If there is no room for a seat in the shower, sitting on the shower floor works well for meditating.

5. Accessories

Bathroom accessories including Public Goods bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste, melatonin, candle and shampoo bar
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Declutter your meditative space. Try, if possible, to store kid’s toys and bathroom knick knacks behind closed drawers and cabinets.

A cluttered space can affect our mental well-being. Clutter distracts our minds and makes it challenging to unwind.

Think minimalism. Do you really need six towels hanging? How many cups and soap dishes are there on the counter? Bring it down to bare bones.

Add a plant or two. Greenery is biophilic, so this addition will have a positive effect on your meditation space.

Wrapping Up

The above are just a few ideas to help you create that perfect meditation space in your bath/shower area. Make it your happy place. Think of it as a necessary space for you to unwind so you can then reenergize.

Meditating is essential in today’s times. It keeps us healthy and in balance.

Remember to go healthy and non-animal-based in your design choices. Surround your spaces without any blood or tragedy attached to it. Namaste!

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