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How To Eat Ramen The Right Way

We have a lot of laws in America.

Some laws regulate what we can eat; horsemeat and puffer fish, for example, are banned in America.

Some laws regulate where we can eat; believe it or not, Miami Beach prohibits outdoor food stands, and it’s illegal to eat peanuts in Massachusetts churches.

Thankfully, there are no laws – at least, not yet – regulating how we eat.

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Is Ramen Bad For You? | How to Make It Healthy

Kids often feel a sense of relief when they finally go away to college or move out of the house.
Here’s one big reason: their parents aren’t around to constantly nag them.

“Clean your room and then do your homework!”
“Come home and go to bed. It’s a school night!”
And of course, “Put that ramen back in the cabinet. It’s bad for you!”

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How to Use Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender soap. Lavender perfume. Lavender honey. Lavender potpourri. Lavender lotions and body scrub. Lavender lamb chops. Lavender laundry softener. Lavender candles. Lavender bubble bath. Lavender-infused sugar and candies.

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