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A Quick Ecotourism Guide for Zeus Seattle Guests

In 2018 we partnered with Zeus Living, a company that provides fully furnished homes tailored for modern professionals.

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Credit: Zeus Seattle

All of Zeus’ homes are stocked with complimentary Public Goods products that help guests enjoy a healthy, eco-friendly experience.

When Zeus officially expanded into Seattle, we celebrated by providing their guests — as well everyone who lives in or visits the Emerald City — with some ecotourism recommendations. If you love learning about sustainability and going beyond the typical tourist attractions, check out at least one of these places.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center

Bill Melinda Gates Foundation building close up

After you tour the Space Needle and MoPOP, take a short walk across the street to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center. This free interactive exhibit illustrates how the Gates Foundation has provided health care and sustainable technology to impoverished communities around the world. The building also hosts a gallery of activist art and inspiring messages from foundation supporters.

Mount Rainier National Park

Two women standing on top of Mount RainierOn the way from the airport to your Zeus home in the heart of the city, you might notice a mountain looming in the distance. If you have time to double back during your stay, plan an excursion to Mount Rainier National Park. Its beauty will leave you in awe.

Suquamish Museum

Woven fish carousel
Credit: Suquamish Museum

If you want to help preserve Native American culture and history in Seattle, visit the Suquamish Museum. Designed by Mithun architecture, the building has sustainable features such as a LEED certification, water conservation infrastructure and natural materials. To reach the exhibit, take a ferry across the bay.

Eat at a FareStart Restaurant or Cafe

four plates of fries and drinks on a table

FareStart is an organization that combats poverty, homelessness and hunger by donating food to shelters and providing food service jobs. If you eat at a restaurant associated with FareStart, you won’t only be feeding yourself.

Seattle Aquarium

Otter close up in water
Credit: © Jerry and Lois Photography

Conserving marine life is a crucial aspect of practicing sustainability. To do your part, donate to the Seattle Aquarium. If not for the good of the planet, do it for the adorable otters and puffins in their highlighted enclosures.

Saving Money and the Planet

If you stumble upon any green gems hidden in the Emerald City, let us know! We’d be happy to consider adding more destinations to this guide.

If you want to stay with Zeus for a 30+ day stay, Zeus is offering a $250 discount for friends of Public Goods. To redeem the discount for a Zeus home in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York City, simply use code “PGW2020” at check out. All eligible bookings must be made by 3-15-20 and must start by that date.

After you book a Zeus home, you’ll qualify for a free Public Goods lifetime membership. Send an email to service@publicgoods.com to take advantage of this savings.

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