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8 Health and Lifestyle Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Instagram can provide a wealth of knowledge, ideas and inspiration just as easily as it can conjure up jealousy, negativity and thinly-veiled body shaming.

jessamyn stanley yoga, train tracks

Like everything else in life, it depends on what you consume. In this ‘content is king’ digital reality we live in, it can be hard to distinguish the helpful and uplifting from the useless and low-key depressing.

It’s also worth pointing out that the clutter filled Insta-world (and the wellness industry as a whole) often leans into a narrow and privileged snapshot of what wellness should look like (read: $10 lattes, exclusive gym memberships or personal trainers and high-priced skincare regimens). Read on for our list of out-of-the-box influencers who promote inclusive, holistic and accessible approaches to wellness and lifestyle design.

1. Lauren Ash (@hellolaurenash), is a Chicago-based blogger, editor and yoga and meditation teacher. Ash founded a holistic wellness platform and podcast for marginalized communities and spreads light with every post. Each day she interacts with followers on Instagram and over audio with a focus on overcoming adversity, lifting others up and living with authenticity.

Follow for: inspirational guidance and positive vibes

2. Jessamyn Stanley (@mynameisjessamyn) is a body-positive yoga expert and author of the book, “Every Body Yoga,” a work aimed at changing the largely white and thin face of yoga by tapping into her mission of making the practice more accessible to all. Stanley’s straightforward social media presence, yoga app, bold fashion sense and lead-by-example method of challenging beauty standards is an inspiration to her nearly 400,000 followers.

jessamyn stanley stretching on beach

Follow for: honest social commentary peppered with **adult** language

3. Leah (@unmaterialgirl) Is it possible to be an ethical influencer? That’s the question that this blogger asked herself before starting her website and Instagram account that has now gained a sizable following. Self-described as a “former fast fashion addict turned slow fashion activist,” this influencer’s goal is to live minimally, sustainably and practice slow (adorable) fashion in her everyday life.

Follow for: an expert take on ethical fashion brands and eco-friendly clothing options

4. Girls Night In (@girlsnightinclub) is a newsletter and community for women who would rather stay in than partake in the typical “girls night out” each Friday night. This Instagram account is chock-full of book suggestions, DIY self-care regiments, clean beauty routines and pretty, simple images and quotes to remind their 108K followers that staying in and loving yourself on a weekend night is more than OK — it’s fabulous.

girls night in members on couch

Follow for: awesome book recommendations

5. Rich Roll (@richroll) is a force in the vegan and wellness influencer world. This Los Angeles-based blogger hosts a thought-provoking podcast that consists of interviewing forward-thinking minds about health, nutrition, fitness and spirituality. Roll is also an ultrarunner and author who has penned a few plant-based cookbooks with his wife, whom he co-hosts wellness retreats with.

Follow for: intense conversations and educational tidbits

6. Frances Cannon (@frances_cannon) is a queer, Aussie-based artist who preaches radical self-love. Her seemingly simplistic drawings, words and photographs center around honesty and body positivity for all shapes, sizes and genders. She has become a go-to for all genders who need inspiration for cultivating a strong, uplifting spirit.

Follow for: body positive inspo

7. Joanne Encarnacion (@gofitjo) is a tatted up bay area-based lifestyle coach who gives us much-needed real talk on the toughness of marriage and parenting, as well as her take on our society’s sometimes problematic definition of health. This Instagram influencer is clearly proud of how she is re-defining wellness — and baby, we are on board.

joanne encarnacion

Follow for: wellness challenges that won’t kill you, recipes, realness

8. Alternative Travelers (@alternativetravelers) is run by a vegan couple who live their lives in a constant state of sustainable travel. Their minimum-to-zero-waste strategies and vegan eating tips are refreshing because they manage to do it all on a modest budget. These two aren’t your typical lifestyle bloggers. Their down-to-earth approach makes traveling seem relatable, not just a luxury for the wealthy alone to enjoy.

alternative travelers, sam, viren

Follow for: budget-friendly tips for sustainable, slow travel and vegan eats

That’s a wrap, folks! Let us know which of these wellness gurus resonates with you most and brings some healthy pep into your life.

In compiling this list we were overwhelmed by how many incredible people are posting in this space – and we’re all ears for recommendations! Email us and let us know your top lifestyle influencers and go-to accounts for wellness inspiration at joseph@publicgoods.com so we can share your insights and possibly highlight your favorites in the future.

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