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7 YouTube Health and Lifestyle Influencers You Might Have Overlooked

There are hundreds of health and lifestyle influencers on YouTube, all of whom produce content you might find worth a click or two.

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The problem is that a short list of people with millions of followers tend to dominate the limelight.

What about everyone else? More views doesn’t necessarily mean better quality. By checking out some of the influencers you might have overlooked, you could stumble upon interesting videos and online communities.

Here are a few people we think are amazing, despite the fact that their channels haven’t exploded (yet):

1. Marnie Goldberg

Marnie Goldberg, also known as MsGoldgirl, gets into everything from makeup and fashion to family-friendly meals and vacations. If you’re a mom who is trying to balance treating yourself and taking care of your kids, you should be able to relate to Goldberg’s lifestyle.

2. Zanna van Dijk

zanna van dijk

Zanna is one of the many YouTube vloggers who catalogues what she eats, but she sets herself apart by frequently discussing health and consumer-related topics such as palm oil. She also does some videos on workouts, fashion, travel, diets, books, products and more.

3. The Healthy Maven

the healthy maven, davida lederle cooking

Davida Lederle, the Healthy Maven, believes being healthy is about living fully, improving quality of life rather than depriving ourselves so we might live a few years longer. On her channel she tries to show that living healthy doesn’t need to be an obsession. A balanced lifestyle can still include plenty of guilty pleasures, including delicious desserts.

4. The Balanced Blondie

the balanced blonde

Jordan Younger is one of the few YouTube influencers who frequently interviews other leaders in the health and lifestyle space. She also documents her life and occasionally dives into mental health issues such as bullying and fear.

5. Jessamyn Stanley

jessamyn stanley yoga on a pier

There’s a misconception that only skinny or stereotypically fit people can embody a healthy lifestyle. Jessamyn Stanley debunks this offensive myth by showing that people of all sizes can practice yoga.

6. Sahara Rose

sahara rose

Sahara Rose often addresses lifestyle and wellness issues from the perspective of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian healing system based on the belief that health depends on a balance between the mind, body and spirit. Occasionally she publishes video interviews with other health experts and influencers. She also uploads episodes of her podcast, “Highest Self.”

7. Purely Twins

purley twins holding mugs

These sisters used to struggle with all kinds of health issues: weight, confidence, self-esteem, binge eating, exercise addiction and negative body image, to name a few. Eventually they hated going to the gym. The solution was to develop a specific lifestyle that made them feel empowered and healthy. Now they share their tips with the rest of the world.

Anyone Else?

Let us know if there are other people who deserve a little spotlight. At Public Goods we are always open to connecting with influencers who share our mission of helping people live healthier lives.

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