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6 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

The bathroom may be a functional space, but it can also be a destination for relaxation.

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You can easily turn this busy space into an oasis by making a few key design choices. From cool color schemes to touchable textures, here are some intentional techniques you can use to renovate your bathroom.

1. Consider Non-Traditional Layouts

When you picture your dream bathroom, what is the focal point of the space? For some people it’s a luxurious soaking tub; for others it’s a custom vanity. Consider laying out this dream feature right in the center of your bathroom. In a small room, floating features that are not anchored by walls can create a dynamic space that excites your senses in ways other parts of the home do not.

2. Thoughtfully Choose Your Accent Pieces

While a clean, white bath might be tempting to adhere to, it can come off as a bit sterile. By adding a bit of vintage charm to your bathroom, you can enrich the space and even make it feel more open. Crystal sconces or side tables with metallic details might be items you would have reserved for living or dining spaces, but they can open up the bathroom by reflecting light in new ways.

3. Fill Your Bathroom With Luxury Accessories

When you visit a hotel or a spa, what are the things that make you feel truly relaxed? Look to incorporate plush robes and bath slippers into your space. A supply of fluffy rolled towels tucked under a vanity in your home can make you feel like a valued guest in a luxury hotel. Swapping out disposable soap and lotion pumps to invest in pretty, refillable glass or chrome options will make the look and feel of your sink top more cohesive and can also help reduce plastic waste.

4. Get Inspired by Nature

If you have a green thumb, adding permanent potted plants can create a calming effect in your bathroom. If you’re not set on what plants you’ll love long-term or you’re nervous about caring for plants, consider keeping a vase on the vanity or on the side table that you can fill with fresh cut flowers. Other options for bringing the outside in are framed leaves and flowers that have been dry pressed. You can also choose to build nature into your design elements by incorporating rustic wood elements or wallpapers that feature botanical designs.

5. Create a Cohesive Color Scheme

Bold, contrasting colors tend to evoke similarly bold reactions. Color schemes that reflect those found in nature can curate calm. If you’re redesigning a bathroom, build your color scheme around existing elements, like tile work or an existing paint color. If you’re starting from scratch, consider taking inspirations from tranquil places in nature, like sandy beaches or earth-toned forests.

6. Consider Contrasting Textures

While you’re likely to want to stick to a cohesive color scheme, a design element where you can seek to excite the mind is textures. With all of the different spaces in a bathroom — from the shower to the vanity — there are a lot of options for mixing textural patterns. Let your personality come through in this small space by playing with different floor textures, tile designs, and natural elements like stone and wood.

From big changes like a layout overhaul and remodel to purposeful updates like a different color or incorporating natural elements, the way you design your bathroom space can help evoke feelings of relaxation and bliss. Even a small change to your bathroom can refresh the space to help curate calm.

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  • we just received our 1st order, and I’m very excited about the quality of products.
    Sustainability is always a first priority. Therefore, I LOVE the less wasteful refill options for the personal care line. Is there a concentrated cleaner we could use as a refill for household cleaners? It seems silly to pay for 90% water to be shipped. Also, have you considered more eco friendly materials like glass and stainless steel for packaging?
    Looking forward to a lifetime of quality public goods????! I’ll definitely be spreading the word!

    • Hi Dawn,

      I just forwarded your comment to our product development team. These are great ideas! Also, thank you for the kind words about our products and for spreading the word.

  • I like that you suggested putting soap and lotion into fancy-looking containers will make the room look like a real spa. I just needed to know about these things because I will be buying a lot for the bathroom after it gets renovated. We will look for products that can make our bathing time feel like a spa now that we finally have a bathtub. https://www.theonlinenystore.com/bedbath/bath-top/spasets.html

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