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5 Ways to Make Quarantine Less Boring

If asked, any of us could rattle off a laundry list of simple pleasures we once took for granted — now luxuries of the recent past, casualties of the Coronavirus quarantine.

woman feet in bed

Daily activities like going to a spin class, browsing in a shop or meeting co-workers for drinks after the office are all impossibilities now.

So, if you can no longer meet friends for a night on the town, attend concerts or even eat at a restaurant. What can you do to replace the activities you once loved?

1. Commit to a New Self-Care Routine

candles, flowers, soaps

If taking a bubble bath brings you joy, make it a habit during this time and do it well. Bring out the incense and schedule it daily.

Indulging in a new skincare routine can give you something small to look forward to every morning and night. Listening to an inspiring podcast every morning or a poetry reading each night can be a wonderful way to bookend the day. Whatever you do, committing to a rhythm will help bring a sense of safety.

2. Have Happy Hour at Home

two drinks with grapefruit and jalapeno

Rather than slogging back a drink out of stress at the end of the day, try making your own happy hour. Set up some charcuterie, craft a proper cocktail and FaceTime a friend whom you’d normally like to cheers with.

3. Make Dining IN Into an Event

candles on a table with berries

Just because you’re eating at home, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Even if you can’t cook an elaborate recipe, make a meal feel special by trying an exotic ingredient from the grocery store, treating yourself to fresh pasta rather than dried or that brownie you always see at the farmers market. Set the table with the “nice” plates, play some music and light a candle to give yourself some ambiance.

4. Join the Dance Party

woman dancing

Remember that old saying, “Dance like nobody’s watching”? Well, now is your chance.

While we’ve all heard of the positive benefits of exercise for the mind, it turns out that dancing may have some unique benefits of its own. In fact, freeform, spontaneous types of dancing (vs choreography) are believed to have a profound impact on emotional wellbeing.

So crank up your favorite playlist and dance it out in your kitchen. Or link up online with studios such as 305 Fitness offering free YouTube classes, and Instagram sensation Ryan Heffington who’s live, virtual dance parties are guaranteed to bring out a smile.

5. Find an At-Home Fitness Routine You ACTUALLY Enjoy

woman doing yoga stretch with leg in air

Without structure, certain healthy habits tend to fall to the side. Without gym equipment or a class holding you accountable to show up regularly, it’s easy to skip a workout.

The key to consistency is to find something that feels like fun. Dance is excellent exercise and for many doesn’t feel like a chore. But if dance is not your thing, anything that ties movement and music together has been shown to improve stamina and mood.

Many fitness facilities are offering online versions of their classes through Zoom, YouTube and IGTV. Follow your favorite instructors on social media and sign up for newsletters to learn how to recreate your favorite workouts at home.

We’d Love to Hear Your Tips

What have you been doing to keep busy during quarantine? Have you found any useful online resources to stay motivated?

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