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5 Home and Interior Design Podcasts to Check Out

After looking at dozens of reviews of our products, we realized many of our members have one priority in common: they want their homes to look good — to feel like a home, not a store.

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That’s why they love the simple aesthetic of Public Goods products and the fact that we don’t shove our brand in everyone’s faces.

If you like how Public Goods compliments your home, you might be interested in listening to a podcast about home issues and interior design. To save you the trouble of searching, we sampled a few and made a list of our favorites.

1. Big Design, Small Budget

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Interior design has a reputation for being exclusive to people with millions of dollars of disposable income. Nonetheless, the reality is that anyone can make aesthetically pleasing changes to the inside of their home. You don’t need to hire a fancy interior designer or do a renovation.

On Big Design, Small Budget, interior designer Betsy Helmuth offers tips on how to make your home look great without breaking the bank. Sometimes she shakes up the format by answering questions from listeners or interviewing other experts on interior design and homes.

Other Places to Listen:

2. Home Energy Design

home energy design with amanda gates logo

If you’re into feng shui, you’ll love interior designer Amanda Gates and her podcast, Home Energy Design. The idea is that there is an energy in your home that can be aligned by making certain structural and design choices.

Places to Listen:

3. Organize 365 Podcast

365 organize the podcast logo

As the title of this podcast suggests, keeping a relaxing home is all about being organized (preferably 365 days a year). According to host Lisa Woodruff, the show is for women who are trying to organize their home or home-based business so they have more time for family and fun. Nonetheless, we think anyone can benefit from tips on making a home more functional.

Other Places to Listen:

4. The Great Indoors

This brand new podcast gets into the latest home and interior design trends. Like other shows in the category, it’s all about making your house a home. The difference is the hosts’ backgrounds that span TV, journalism, books and — of course — design.

5. The Millennial Homemakers Podcast

This show is much more comedic and satirical than most other podcasts on homemaking and interior design. One of the most recent episodes has the caption: “How did Barbie know it was her ‘dream house’ if she didn’t have Pinterest?” Nonetheless, it has the same valuable advice, but with a self-deprecating millennial twist.

Other Places to Listen:

Know Any Other Great Home and Interior Design Podcasts?

If you follow a show and want to see it on this list, let us know! We want our members to have plenty of resources, and we are always happy to support emerging podcasts.

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