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5 Health and Wellness Podcasts You Might Have Overlooked

There are thousands of health and wellness podcasts out there.

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Even if you have a ridiculously long commute and spend the whole time listening to podcast episodes, you might miss the chance to sample some great content and learn about the latest trends in the wellness world. Obsessively checking the New and Noteworthy page on iTunes can help, but there are still interesting shows that slip through the cracks.

To shine a spotlight on the podcasts you might have overlooked, we curated a list of shows that average five stars but haven’t garnered a high number of reviews and listens. All of them have unique takes on health and wellness topics, some of which you most likely haven’t heard about. These podcasts cover all kinds of subjects, so look out for another one of our blog posts if you want something specifically about dieting, nutrition, fitness, etc.

Give them a quick listen. If they take off, you’ll feel good knowing you were one of their early supporters.

1. Simple Roots Radio

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Tired of having dieting suggestions shoved in your face? So is Simple Roots Radio host Alexa Schirm. A nutritionist by trade, Schirm encourages listeners to adopt a realistic approach to living a healthy life. Every episode she interviews health experts and explores topics that range from wellness routines to soul food.

Other Places to Listen:

Episode Frequency: weekly

Average Episode Length: 15 minutes to an hour, sometimes a little longer

2. That’s So Maven

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Every episode host Davida Kuglemass interviews movers — or “mavens,” as she calls them — and shakers in the world of health, wellness and business. The goal is to help listeners lead a “balanced and intentional lifestyle.” Like Schirm, she has been critical of diet culture, instead recommending methods that are more fun and intuitive.

Other Places to Listen:

New Episode Frequency: weekly, occasionally breaks for a week or month

Average Episode Length: around an hour

3. The Mission Daily

the mission daily podcast banner image

The Mission Daily is like an audio version of one of those daily news emails you might be subscribed to, but it’s all about health. Every day the hosts tackle relevant news and scientific studies, providing actionable insights you can use to live a healthy lifestyle.

Other Places to Listen:

New Episode Frequency: daily

Average Episode Length: varies from less than 10 minutes to more than an hour

4. Party In My Plants

the party in my plants podcast with talia pollock

Host Talia Pollock tries to prove that healthy living doesn’t need to suck. She covers a range of topics, everything from meal prep and skincare to sex and depression. Her fun personality will have you laughing, thinking and maybe trying some new healthy lifestyle trends.

Other Places to Listen:

New Episode Frequency: weekly

Average Episode Length: 30 minutes to an hour, some more or less

5. The Unlock Wellness Podcast

unlock wellness podcast banner image

Dr. Kasey Johnson is one of the few health and wellness podcast hosts who has a background in chiropracting. On her show she interviews health experts, community leaders — often leading influencers in specific health and wellness movements — and people with inspiring stories about bettering themselves and living a healthy life.

Other Places to Listen:

New Episode Frequency: once a month

Average Episode Length: 30 minutes to an hour

Any Other Podcasts We Should List?

At Public Goods we want to know what you’re excited about. If you feel like we are missing some hidden gems, please send an email to Joseph at joseph@publicgoods.com. He will be happy to review the podcast and consider adding it to the list.

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