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5 Ecotourism Destinations for Zeus NYC Guests

In 2018 we partnered with Zeus, a company that provides beautiful, fully furnished neighborhood homes for 30+ day stays.

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All of Zeus’ homes are stocked with complimentary Public Goods products that help guests enjoy a healthy, eco-friendly experience.

When Zeus officially expanded into New York City, we celebrated by providing their guests — as well everyone who lives in or visits the Big Apple — with some ecotourism recommendations. If you love learning about sustainability and finding all the green hidden in the concrete jungle, check out at least one of these places.

1. Arcadia Earth

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Want to take a journey through our planet, but in the middle of a city? With Arcadia Earth’s augmented reality technology, NYC might not feel so cramped anymore. We love Arcadia Earth because we share part of their philosophy: “small lifestyle changes will have a massive impact on the future of the planet.”

2. The Climate Museum

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There are dozens of reasons to catch the ferry to Governors Island, and the Climate Museum tops the list. If you want to learn more about the issues and play around with eco-friendly exhibits, sign up for a program or stop by when the building is open.

3. Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farms

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Because NYC is so packed, sustainability advocates have had to get creative when developing green spaces. On the other hand, NYC is one of the few cities that has buildings so huge they can sustain a whole agriculture industry on their roofs. To explore these farms and sample their produce, contact the folks at Brooklyn Grange.

4. Alley Pond Park

alley pond park bridge

About 15,000 years ago, a glacier shaped much of what is now New York City. The effects of this ancient event are still visible at Alley Pond Park. The area also has lots of fun activities and educational programs.

5. The Lowline

Nearly everyone who lives in NYC has heard of the High Line, a park built on old, elevated train tracks. But do you know about the Lowline?

It actually doesn’t exist right now, but we wanted to keep it on the list for future visitors, residents and guests. This underground park and sustainability center is projected to open in 2021. Don’t forget about it!

Where Will You Go Next?

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In NYC there is always so much to discover. Once you start venturing off this list, let us know where you end up. We’d love to check it out, too.

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