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10 Ways to Move Your Body More

Getting yourself moving during the day can be hard.

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In a world where busy has become our normal, it’s easy to forget this very important task.

But sedentary activity can take a toll on our health. Different studies show that people who sit for more than eight hours a day with no physical activity have higher rates of heart disease and certain cancers than those who spend less time sitting. So, it’s important that we incorporate movement back into our days again.

One of the ways I did this was by finding methods to move that were easy and fun for me. I skipped the daily gym routine and turned to new activities that felt more pleasurable and manageable.

If that lifestyle appeals to you, too, then here are a list of ways you can bring more movement into your life.

1. Find Movements That Are Fun

One of the reasons most people don’t move enough is because they simply aren’t enjoying the exercises. If you don’t love what you’re doing, then chances are you won’t do it very much — even with all the motivation in the world.

Instead you can try exercises you would have fun with. For instance, if you love dancing, go out and dance. If you love to surf, then go surfing. It’s really that simple.

2. Take Group Exercise Classes

Moving on your own isn’t always very fun, but it can be when you do it with other people. I sign up for group classes because I love being in a room with other people who have similar interests. The social aspect also gives me a whole lot more motivation to exercise.

One of the best things about group classes is there are a ton of them you can try. There’s dance, fitness, boxing classes — I even found handstand classes once.

Remember that the classes in a studio can all be different. So try a couple of them out before you decide whether you like it. Sometimes a certain teacher will work, or the type of music that plays in class will feel better for you. Find what resonates with you.

3. Get Yourself a Workout Buddy

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the motivation to get moving on your own, and you might not feel comfortable in a classroom full of strangers. That’s why it’s great to get yourself a buddy to do it with you.

Do you have a friend who likes to exercise, too? Ask him or her if they will be your workout buddy, and set time with them weekly to get yourselves moving.

4. Hire Yourself a Coach or Trainer

Other times you may just have friends and family who are couch potatoes (no judgement!). But, that’s when it’s time to hire yourself outside help such as a trainer or health and fitness coach.

Whomever you choose should be a supportive professional you meet with regularly to reach your goals. In fact, studies show that if you have a specific appointment with somebody, it will increase your chance of success by 95%. Not too shabby, huh?

5. Get Standing During the Day

While it’s great to schedule time each week to move, the truth is we still may find ourselves stagnant during the day. To combat this problem, get yourself standing during the work day. This habit is especially important for those of us who work behind a computer and spend eight or more hours sitting each day.

You can start with baby steps, maybe 30 minutes of standing this week and one hour next week. It might be worth investing in a standing desk or learning more about ergonomics.

6. Take Walking Meetings

Another way to get active during the day is walking meetings. If you have a ton of meetings scheduled during the day, this strategy can be an efficient way to exercise. When you have a meeting scheduled, ask your co-workers if they would be up for a walking meeting. That way, you can get some extra steps in for the day.

Not only will this increase your physical activity, but studies also show walking meetings increase creative ideas and productivity more than traditional sitting meetings.That’s a win/win for your health and the company!

7. Drink Loads of Water

Drinking a ton of water can be a great tactic to get active during the day. Why? Because the more water you drink, the more times you’ll have to get up to use the bathroom.

For extra exercise, go to a bathroom on a different floor than yours. It will increase your steps and create a small adventure for the day!

8. Schedule Breaks Specifically for Moving

By setting movement breaks in your day, this will give you an easy and simple way to get up from your desk. You can do this for yourself by setting an alarm on your phone. Once your alarm goes off, get your body moving.

9. Acknowledge the Movement You’re Already Doing

You’re probably already doing tons of movement during the day. For example, cleaning, cooking, running around with your partner or kids are all types of movement. In fact, washing the floors burns 187 calories in just 30 minutes.

So start to appreciate and acknowledge these kinds of tasks as ways you’re already getting physical activity. And make sure to do your best to have fun in those activities, too!

10. Give Yourself Time For Rest

OK, this might be counterintuitive, but let me explain. The body needs time to rest after activity. It’s the yin and yang of movement. So set times for yourself where you just relax and rest, especially for times after a workout. Your body will thank you.

Those are my 10 tips for you when it comes to instilling movement into your routine. Remember, an exercise routine is going to be different for everyone. Take these strategies, but most importantly, implement them in a way that fits your lifestyle.

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